Let’s start with a quick history lesson…

  • I started this Facebook Group on 16th Aug 2021 and hosted a couple group events to bring MGs into live Zoom discussions. It was my plan to keep doing this but I lost my nerve or sacral support to run more. My posts were infrequent after that.
  • In December 2021 we had just 90 members and that’s when I decided to double-down on writing about the trial and error of applying my Strategy and Authority to my life. I was already living my experiment, but until then, I had only been sharing via my blog: ManifestingGenerators.com
  • The group numbers grew quickly because, unknowingly, I was expressing the energies of my Incarnation Cross (Conscious & Unconscious Sun & Earth Nodes).
    • Gate 20 - I was writing and sharing in the moment of responding to life.
    • Gate 59 - I was transparent in sharing the trial and error of following my Strategy and Authority.
    • Gate 34 - I was saying “Yes” to my own process. Meaning, I was simply doing what felt good, easy, and natural for me.
    • Gate 55 - I was selfless in my intention by freely sharing my experiences with no expectation of anything in return. I was trusting that the universe would provide for me.

Now you’re caught up, this is where things started going sideways…

  • From June 2022, I began making mistakes with all of those gate energies and consequently, the feeling of the group began to change. At first I knew some people were feeling jarred by the fact that I was trying to monetise the group by selling something. Months later I started noticing little comments here and there that confirmed my suspicions that the way I was going about things was out of alignment for me. Then a couple of recent live conversations really drove home the fact that it was high time I returned to my grass roots.
  • Before I share all my mistakes I just wish to point out that I believe all experiences (good and bad) are here to serve me, and through the transparent sharing of my journey, my mistakes and learnings will serve you too. Without these mistakes I wouldn’t have hit rock bottom, I wouldn’t have contemplated my GENIUS Gene Keys, and I wouldn’t now understand the gravity and necessity for us all to express the energies of our Incarnation Cross. As hard as the past 6 months have been, the personal growth has been worth it.

So what happened in June 2022?

  • After a series of incidents that confirmed a partnership business model was viable, I began offering “Peeps On Purpose Partnerships”. Enter Mistake Number 1. My mind said “If you are going to start coaching peeps in living their Strategy & Authority, then you need to act the part!” So… I started holding back a lot of my trial and error posts as if to say “I’ve got this Strategy and Authority stuff sorted now” which inadvertently caused me to fall out of my experiment and return to mind-driven territory again. Please appreciate how embarrassing this is to share!
  • So, instead of sharing transparently (Gate 59) and responding and sharing immediately (Gate 20), I restricted my natural flow.
  • On 22nd June, Daria Stan joined the group and instantly responded to my post “Why I don’t need a sales page”. The connection was good between us and we commenced our partnership a week later. Then came Mistake Number 2… I focused on selling Daria’s services in a way that was taught to me, not in the way that is aligned for me. So this messed with my Gate 34 and Gate 55 energies.

How did I allow these fundamental mistakes to happen?

  • The short answer… the fear of running out of money. No big surprise there right? In my desperation to pay the bills I fell into Not-Self themes and initiating mental solutions. But the underlying issue is actually my lack of faith that serving my purpose will be abundantly rewarded by spirit (Gate 55). If I had full faith, then there would be no fear.
  • The lesson of Gate 55 is that my purpose needs to be bigger than money. Serving my purpose brings the money.

So how am I designed to sell?

  • I just need to freely share my gifts and in doing so, I will be serving my purpose and demonstrating my abilities at the same time. Anyone who wants a private or full session can go ahead and book one. And so you know how to book a session, I am simply going to display a clear, easy, and obvious link in the group’s banner. With that done, Daria and I can get back to responding to life 😇 and your questions!

Examples for how this could work…

  • Example 1: Daria literally loves answering Human Design questions. So let’s say you ask the burning question “Am I designed to operate as an solopreneur?” After she looks at your chart, Daria will answer your question. Your curiosity might then be fired up to know more and you end up booking a full Money Reading.
  • Example 2: Let’s say I host a LIVE Group Chat each week and we use it to collectively see if we can help one member at a time to identify their Purposeful Work. A shy person listening in might prefer to have a private session 1 on 1 session with me, so they book it.

Can you feel how clean and easy that is?

Moving forward, Daria and I will simply focus on doing what lights us up with no expectation of return. However, for those who feel they are in our energetic debt and wish to give something to support our work, we will begin providing options to do so.

Some things that light me up are:

  • Transparently sharing my trial and error via text and video.
  • Sharing what I learnt from each of my Incarnation Cross shadows and how it has positively affected my life and relationships.
  • For those of you who would like to learn how the Gene Keys works, I’m going to prepare a tutorial for how to contemplate your own Gene Keys.
  • I am really interested to test out the Facebook Group Voice Chat feature. If it works well then we can see about hosting weekly voice calls to discuss your experiment, brainstorm ideas etc.
  • I love creating, innovating, and streamlining using tech. So I’m going to spend more time properly building out this site with my best content.
  • Daria and I are revamping her Money Reading booklet to make it far more valuable and practical to discuss and apply.

The main thing that lights Daria up is answering your Human Design questions!

So whatever you want to ask, post away! Please know that Daria frequently scans MANY Facebook groups for opportunities to answer people’s questions. She would prefer to just answer yours, but I just realised that we haven’t been inviting you to!

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17 years of soul searching led me to discover that what lights me up the most also gives me huge amounts of energy. Efficiency and shining the spotlight on others is a passion that permeates through everything I do.

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