Today I'm going to share with you something amazing that came to me right when I needed it.

About 3 years ago I purchased a lifetime deal on for a community platform called Being a 4/6 I've always been heavily excited by the idea of leading online and offline communities. I had jumped the gun and didn't actually need the community software yet so I tried to sell it. But, multiple sales attempts fell through and I felt the universe was telling me to keep it, so I did. During the past 2 years, built a completely new version and rebranded it to This new version is unlike anything on the market! Rather than build a ton of features and make admins try to work it into their process, BetterMode's goal is to allow community admins to completely customize every aspect of the community, making it do whatever you need it to.

When I first got access to this new version, I discovered that my deal wasn't being fully honored. I had restricted access to the new functionality.

By this time and through many manifestation experiences, I had cultivated the belief that what I need will show up right when I needed it to. So I put my faith in the fact that the right community software would appear before me when the timing was right.

Perhaps 2 months ago I had an aha moment in which I fully recognized the unique gift (the valuable work) I am here to share with the world. That sparked the beginning of having a need for a community as I was now aligned and ideas were flowing.

One thing I was certain of was that I wanted all members to be able to quickly access each other's HD/GK charts, the original idea that caused me to BUZZ, what phase of the process they were in, their vision etc for accountability sakes. The only community software that I could afford that allowed rich text in the profile was of course BetterMode.

I decided to commit to using it for this feature alone and proceeded to log in and consider how I could make the platform work for me, even with just the basic functionality.

That's when I discovered a perfectly timed manifestation had occurred... I discovered that my account was longer restricted! I have full access to everything and I have been GEEKING OUT on it since!

To fully appreciate the magnitude of this manifestation, BetterMode was targeted to big brands with deep pockets and a hefty monthly fee of $599 USD. Whereas, I bought this deal 3 years ago for a mere $80 USD. It was an investment that my sacral responded "YES!" to, and it took 3 years to understand why.

With the community software locked in, I've been geeking out on building functionality, mapping out my coaching process, and have begun fleshing it out in BetterMode.

Once a good chunk of that is in place, I will kick off a free BETA testing with a few lucky peeps. If you want a chance to get in on that BETA testing (still a month or so away), then book a free Purpose Of Work session today:

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Mark J Reynolds

17 years of soul searching led me to discover that what lights me up the most also gives me huge amounts of energy. Efficiency and shining the spotlight on others is a passion that permeates through everything I do.

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