Hi my name is Mark Reynolds and for the past 5 or so years I have been on a journey of self-discovery to overcome low self-esteem, anxiety and chronic self-doubt which held me back from being the confident go-getter I dreamt of being.

This self-discovery lead me to work with a number of alternative healers in Theta, Reiki, Pranic, Chios, KaHuna, Psychic Mediums and with a mountain of self-administered EFT, meditation and contemplation in between.

While all this inner work did overcome my struggles and woundings and allowed me to feel confident in being me, I am yet to create an income stream doing something that fully excites and fulfils me. 

Two Blueprints for Living My Purpose

Recently my evolutionary journey took an interesting turn when I was introduced to two related systems that provide a blueprint for how to live our purpose. The first is called "Human Design" which is a pseudoscience combining astrology, I Ching, Kabbalah and the Chakras. Years later, a student of Human Design went even deeper to create the Gene Keys system which is a deeply spiritual process of transforming the 64 Gene Key shadows into gifts.

Both systems provide immense value and each approach the blueprint from a very different perspective. My explanations below are EXTREMELY simplifistic and just from my point of view as there is a tonne of depth to each one. To keep my articles concise I'll be sticking to the overarching concepts rather than get bogged down with what is factually correct.

Gene Keys

Gene Keys shines a light on where in life we individually need to evolve to experience the most profound positive changes in our lives.

An example for one of the Gene Key shadows I need to transform is my habit of bitching about other people. As I read the text on this chapter it reminded me of the saying "What you don't like about a person is also what you don't like about yourself." So as the Gene Keys method teaches, I contemplated this and came to the realisation that the things we don't like about ourselves becomes an unconscious trigger when we see the same issue in someone else. We bitch about this person verbally or mentally and drive ourselves and others crazy.

The key is to ask yourself "How am I like that?" and then make note of all the areas in your life where you are/do the same thing. Then do the inner work to understand and potentially heal the root cause of it.

The real depth of the Gene Keys is in understanding, transforming and embracing our god-given gifts and how we can become less human and more "being".

Human Design

Human Design is a blueprint for how we can optimally operate in any given moment. While there are many layers to our chart, I feel the most important and life-changing concepts are the Human Design Type, Strategy and Authority. In a nutshell these potent pieces teach us how to follow the right path and make decisions. I'll discuss these in the next post.

My New Beginning

After going through my Gene Keys chart and touching on the basics of what Human Design had to offer, I feel I've just been issued with the vital missing piece of the puzzle, the blueprint for how to construct my most fulfilling life, and the operating manual for how to efficiently run the machine that is me.

I was born anew but this time I came into the world armed and preloaded with self-healing tools, 43 years of life experience and lessons which aid in pattern recognition, mindfulness and awareness to get me through any emotional discomfort. 

I have created this blog because I feel Human Design and the Gene Keys are the blueprints we all need to live our best life and I felt the urging desire to document my exploration and experimentation of these systems as I apply them to my life.

So I invite you to follow my blog to keep abreast of what happens in my trials and tribulations and hopefully learn a thing or two that helps you apply your blueprints in your own life. 

About the Author

Mark J Reynolds

17 years of soul searching led me to discover that what lights me up the most also gives me huge amounts of energy. Efficiency and shining the spotlight on others is a passion that permeates through everything I do.

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