daria stan

I pinpoint the energy that is you, and that which isn't.

I can help you let go of unhealthy conditioning from your friends, family, coaches, and environment. And I can assist you in recognising the gifts that allow you to thrive. 

daria stan

Confront the truth of how you are designed.

Personalized Human Design Reports

Individual Human Design Reading

In this 60-minute meeting, we'll dive into your Human Design and help you understand your chart, your strategy & authority, and how you're supposed to take decisions that will feel right for you.

Also includes 1 approx. 20-page PDF Document detailing the basic information of your chart.

Child Human Design Reading

In this 60-minute meeting, we'll dive into your child's Human Design and help you understand their chart, their strategy & authority, and how they're supposed to take decisions that will feel right for them.

Human Design Relationship Reading

This is a detailed Reading for two people who are in a relationship with each other.

It includes 2 individual Readings, for each partner, and the Partnership Reading of the Composite Graphic:

  • How energies can affect your relationship
  • Where you should support one another
  • And which are necessary compromises to make for the well-being of the relationship

Family Penta Reading

Penta is a trans-auric form, that gets formed when the auras of 3 to 5 people come together and it functions as a completely different identity. We discuss the dynamics of the groups, the roles people have in the group, and also the energies that are missing from the group and how that impacts everyone.


Daria is phenomenal in what she does! She can take concepts like emotional authority and break them down into bite-sized chunks to easily digest and understand. Daria is straight up honest and does not sugar coat anything which to me shows true character and provides a clear message that is delivered in a neutral and caring way. She provides unique perspectives on ways to make money and can tell you just about anything you want to know.

Human Design can take years to understand and with Daria's help I have learned so much in the last two months that would have probably take me a year to do! I learned to respect my children more because I better understand their design, how our family functions, and it has given me the confidence I need to kick start my new business! Highly recommend a reading from her!

Marie Dettmers USA

Daria is a natural teacher as she was able to explain to me my HD chart and how I relate to others and to myself as well. She clarified the manner in which I work best, giving me good direction and clarity on how to proceed in life and with money as well.

The money reading really opened up my way of thinking and how I can better serve my clients. She directed me to ways of how I can better advertise or what would work better for my type. Amazing is all I can say! Even my son said, "How does she know me so well?"

Michelle Mari USA

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About Daria Stan

As an expert in Authentic Parenting, I frequently observed the value of Human Design within the context of relationships.

After a VERY deep dive into the fundamental energy mechanics underpinning Human Design, I am now able to pinpoint the root cause for many of your challenges so you can finally understand why you struggle with some things and thrive with others.

I ❤️ sharing the insights I see in your chart, it literally energizes me! So, I invite you to join our Facebook Group, post your chart and challenge, and you'll be receiving a response from me very soon!