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Get a Money Reading to discover how you are naturally designed to market & sell.

I believe that every single person has unique talents and wisdom to share with the world and have a natural way to market and sell.

mark reynolds

Nurture what's natural in you.

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Purchase a personalized Human Design Money Report for yourself or to give as a gift.

Money Reading

In this 90-minute meeting, we'll dive into your Human Design and help you understand how are you meant to create wealth for yourself according to your design. And we'll extract your Marketing Messages.

Includes an on-line editable Money Report so you can add your own notes.

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About Mark Reynolds

Before Human Design came into my life, I initiated ideas constantly, second guessed every decision, and self-sabotaged my efforts at every turn. My mind led me in circles and my aspirations went unrealized. 

Fortunately, through relentless experimentation with my Manifesting Generator design, I soon discovered the power of removing my mind from the decision-making process and letting my feelings be my guide instead.

Thanks to The Gene Keys Golden Path and the constant wise guidance of Daria Stan, I eventually discovered that I naturally empower other Sacral Beings through the transparent stories of my own trial and error. Join our Facebook Group to laugh and applaud at those stories.