We are here to guide and celebrate the Experiments of Manifesting Generators.

Hi Peeps! Mark Reynolds here...

Before Human Design came into my life, I initiated ideas constantly, second guessed every decision, and self-sabotaged my efforts at every turn. My mind led me in circles and my aspirations went unrealized. 

Fortunately, through relentless experimentation with my Manifesting Generator design, I soon discovered the power of removing my mind from the decision-making process and letting my feelings be my guide instead.

Thanks to The Gene Keys Golden Path and the constant wise guidance of Daria Stan, I eventually learnt that I naturally empower others through the transparent stories of my own trial and error. Join our Facebook Group to laugh and applaud at those stories 😁

Hi, my name is Daria Stan

As an expert in Authentic Parenting, I frequently observed the value of Human Design within the context of relationships.

After a VERY deep dive into the fundamental energy mechanics underpinning Human Design, I am now able to pinpoint the root cause for many of your challenges so you can finally understand why you struggle with some things and thrive in others.

I ❤️ sharing the insights I see in your chart, so I invite you to join our Facebook Group, post your chart and challenge, and you'll be receiving a response from me very soon!

Our Partnership

When you reach out to Daria for support, she will look at your chart and expertly explain how the energy mechanics of your design is causing or contributing to your situation. The depth and accuracy she can share is mind-blowing! This is because Daria is a Line 1 - Subject Matter Expert in Human Design.

Whereas Mark's design, gifts, life experience, and most lit-up ideas are all about refining, organizing, streamlining, and demonstrating the talents of others. 

When we combine Mark's ability to package, streamline, and demonstrate Daria's Human Design Expertise in a way that allows Daria to focus on responding, this creates a naturally symbiotic partnership.


  • We are also Line 4's. Mark is constantly driven to create community whereas Daria excels when responding inside a community!
  • We both have Gate 20 (The Now) in our Incarnation Cross. This is about learning to surrender to life in every moment and trusting that everything is happening for us, not to us.
  • We also both have Gate 34 (Power) in our Incarnation Cross which is about saying "Yes" to our own process, and "No" to external conditioning. Or in other words, we are here to support you in showing up as the unapologetic version of YOU.

Together, we are a force of nature. Despite living in time zones that are 9 hours apart, we work incredibly well together. Mark is a morning person and Daria is a night owl, so we have ample overlapping time in the mornings and evenings to work together while also equally serving Sacral beings globally. 

How We Can Serve You

  • Human Design Readings

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Daria and Mark offer the following Human Design Readings to better understand yourself, your relationship dynamics with others, and how to powerfully communicate your value. Click the links to learn more.