Even though I'm pretty good at listening for my sacral response (I have sacral authority) and noting what is and is not currently exciting me, something that I continue to be challenged by is that if the exciting thing is seemingly unrelated to the project I'm currently working on, my mind sometimes wins at talking me out of doing it!

For instance, this past Thursday, I had the whole day to work on my Purpose Playground project. My immediate goal was to flesh out the process content for the private community. However, I lacked clarity and inspiration to write it that day. I knew that I needed to let go of the task and move on to something else that was exciting me.

What was exciting me was relearning Forex and setting up an Expert Advisor (a trading robot) that I had developed 10 years ago and absolutely loved optimizing and back testing. However, I denied myself from it, and upon reflecting on it, I discovered the following things:

  1. I was being invited to take a step back, to rest and recharge, and to take my mind off of it completely so that the Source can plan an excitingly new idea or approach to inspire me into action again.
  2. The only way I can take my mind off it completely is to fully consume my mind into something else that is exciting me, i.e., Forex.
  3. I didn't consider the bigger picture of how my Forex system could someday play a part in my bigger picture vision, i.e., helping friends, family, and clients to get ahead financially by inviting them to invest with my trading system (once proven).
  4. The excitement to relearn and implement my Forex solution has come back around multiple times over the years, and I kept denying it because of mind-generated excuses like "I can't focus on that right now. I need to build my business first." or "I don't have money to invest in that right now."
  5. I listen for and hear the response, but my mind often overrides it because my mind's limited view cannot see how this exciting thing will empower my process.
  6. Before Human Design entered my life and understanding the necessity to follow my sacral responses, I followed MANY incorrect detours. I think this has created a fear of wasting time and effort on the wrong things. I can feel a block around giving myself permission to do whatever excites me as long as my sacral has responded "yes". I think there is societal conditioning in there from other Types too, where I've been told many times to "Just focus on one thing!"
  7. Perhaps most importantly, the sacral-approved detours teach me a new tool, story, idea, connection, or experience that fits into my purpose somehow. I need to contemplate and heal this distinction for me to fully embrace my sacral's direction each hour of each day.

UPDATE 12th March 2024

At the original time of this writing, I had not yet fully integrated the multi-talented and multitasking part of me.

I was holding myself back because:

  1. I hadn't given myself permission to do whatever excited me in the moment because I've followed so many incorrect detours in the past because I didn't know that I needed to wait for a "yes" sacral response.
  2. Societal conditioning perhaps to focus on one thing and confusing people when I'm doing many things.

I think the first one was the bigger issue because my mind was not seeing the difference in the sacral "YES!" vs. "no" detours. The sacral-approved detours always teach me a new tool, story, idea, connection, or experience that fits into my purpose somehow, or it simply leads me to a fresh perspective. Whereas the sacral-unsupported detours are a pure waste of time and effort.

Fortunately, I recently used my GeneKeysGPT to contemplate the Gene Keys 20 Shadow of Superficiality. The breakthrough came very quickly and allowed me to see that picking up and dropping interests according to my sacral excitement was actually very liberating! Because with each new experience, there was an opportunity to learn and grow, and I ceased to force myself to complete things after I'd already gotten what I had unknowingly come for. The awesome thing about embracing superficiality is that I never know where the excitement will lead or how it is connected to my purpose of work. But in pursuing it, I at least know that it will regenerate my energy, and in due time, I'll come full circle to my Purpose Playground project to work on it with fresh perspectives and vitality.

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17 years of soul searching led me to discover that what lights me up the most also gives me huge amounts of energy. Efficiency and shining the spotlight on others is a passion that permeates through everything I do.

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