Unlock YOUR OWN Strategy for Success with a Human Design Money Reading

Book a Money Reading with Mark Reynolds to identify how you are designed to naturally attract clients, opportunities, and money.

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4/6 Pure Manifesting Generator

The perfect bridge between spiritual work and business.

Wasting tons of time and money trying to emulate "guru" sales and marketing methods?

Most coaches sell what works for them. You need to discover what works for you!

The Solution to Your Clarity Crisis

Imagine having a personalized roadmap that unveils your natural talents, work style, and the unique energies that govern your financial journey. A Money Reading is not just another report; it's the key to unlocking the unique way you naturally operate.

01 Profit Centers

Through what themes do you naturally solve problems for and sell?

02 Dominant Circuitry

Uncover why you feel compelled to operate and serve in a particular way.
Are you driven to solve societal challenges, provide personalized solutions, and/or collaborate with others? This is key for how you communicate!

03 Profile Line

Gain laser-sharp clarity on your life's work. How do you best serve your people?

04 Open & Defined Gates

What specific energies do you attract in other people? What energies do you naturally use to sell and attract opportunities?

The Money Reading Experience

A Money Reading isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. It's a personalized, one-on-one journey led by a knowledgeable guide (that's me!) who will step through the following:


We start by isolating the type of work that re-energizes you. Sometimes it's what you are already doing, but sometimes this is a revelation of its own! I'll tailor your Money Reading to relate to this passion.

Step 2 - Relate report to reality

Experience a 90-120 minute Zoom session where we explore every element of your Money Report in relation to your passion of unlimited energy.

step 3 - Create Your Clarity Cheat Sheet

Summarize the most meaningful insights from your reading into a Cheat Sheet for daily contemplation and action.


Evaluate and strategize how you'll change your approach to making money, putting you on the path to financial success.

What Else Is Included?

Your Personalized Money Report: Every Reading Needs a sidekick

Your Money Report is your all-access pass to the insights we unravel during your Money Reading. Everything we discuss is neatly compiled for your ongoing reference.

Check out Mark's Demo Report here.

Rewind Your Revelations: Your Money Reading Session Captured!

Dive back into the wealth of insights and aha moments from your personalized Money Reading session with the included Zoom recording – because clarity is worth watching over and over again!

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