Back on August 19th I wrote a post called Surrendering Thoughts About Revenue (#27)

Surrendering my thoughts started out great but as far as I can tell and without realising it, I fell off the bandwagon of this experiment within 3 weeks! My mind took over again and I ceased being of service to everyone, including myself. 

This morning as I reflected upon my current state of affairs of having to look for a job to keep a roof over my head, I had to yet again contemplate my issues around charging for my time. How is it that I've undergone copious amounts of healing over the years and yet can't seem to overcome this one obstacle?

When I think about charging for my time I get a lot of anxiety and panic. As I read over my Gene Keys summaries yet again, I found the following.

Gene Key of the Pearl 52.5 - Restraint:

  • This Gift concerns our own trust in life. To begin anything, you must first have a clear intention. The more selfless your intention, the more power it will have.
  • To get your intention clear, you must ask yourself the question “How can I be of the greatest service to humanity?” Then you must live the answer.
  • Because we humans cannot see the details of the journey ahead, we have to trust in the direction that our intention takes, even if it does not make sense to us at the time. This is the power of Restraint to allow your life to unfold without urgent demand.

In fact as I continue to scan through my summaries, several Gene Keys and Lines keep pointing back to my need to embody trust in the universe. I have to laugh at the absurdity yet necessity to completely let go and trust. This is a huge lesson for me to embody but I know the reward will be life-changing. Besides I managed to surrender my mind to feel and honour resistance which governed my workflow. I can do the same with money and it's not like I have a choice!

The more selfless your intention, the more power it will have.

To be honest, I'm happy being of service to others without compensation, I just want to ensure that the means to earn an income to keep a roof over my head is done so in a manner that maintains my high vibe sanity while having the flexibility to work afternoon shifts so I can continue serving fellow Manifesting Generators in the morning when I'm fresh.

Fortunately a week ago a mate pitched me on the idea of working with him to sell his IT based solution for restaurants. The work he was offering would allow me to choose my own hours and I could learn a lot from him about internet marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

I'm confident that having an income again and a restriction of time available will actually accelerate my results as it will force quicker decisions and action.

So this is The Surrender Experiment - Take 2

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