The Money Report

Something big that I've neglected to mention in my posts from December 2022 to now is that Daria and I developed a digital product called The Money Report, which is based on Ra's "Money Course." The Money Report details the energies through which you are designed to make money. It focuses on the Profit Centers which are your open centers on your chart and the channels connected to them. Click here to see the Money Report DEMO which also explains how you make money through your design. 

Daria originally provided the keynotes while I devised a streamlined method to generate the report and a practical way to deliver it. The report is presented as a live Notion doc so that it can be easily edited to add notes on the fly, anywhere, anytime.

In either January or February 2023, Daria encouraged me to perform a Money Reading to see if I liked it. She had a hunch that the reason she was drawn to consume Ra's Money Course is because it was actually meant for me, and she was the conduit. Daria was right! Delivering Money Readings rapidly became my passion. Feeling the need to understand each keynote more fully, I ended up re-listening to the whole Money Course, making my own notes and keynote definitions. This led to a second version of the Money Report.

The Problem with the Money Report

In April of 2023, after producing many Money Reports and performing almost as many Money Readings, I came to realize that a Money Report isn't enough on its own. I either need to provide a process with examples for how to extract the messages to use in their marketing OR only deliver it as part of a Money Reading session with me. 

Making the Money Report practical

In post #48 – A System Is Forming, I mentioned a process that is trying to come out of me. I can see now that it stems from the Money Report and is exponentially enhanced by ChatGPT (AI).

So far my process looks like this:

  1. Use the Money Report to extract a list of messages for what the client naturally attracts.
  2. Ask the client a series of deep questions to extract their soul's desires.
  3. Compile the findings from Steps 1 & 2 and feed into ChatGPT.
  4. Write prompts in ChatGPT to produce all the ideas and materials required to expedite the planning and build of the client's sales funnel.

I'm currently in the middle of running this process with one lucky guinea pig member of my Facebook Group.

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Mark J Reynolds

17 years of soul searching led me to discover that what lights me up the most also gives me huge amounts of energy. Efficiency and shining the spotlight on others is a passion that permeates through everything I do.

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