As a Manifesting Generator (MG) Human Design type, today I listened to the "Manifesting Generators" podcast episode on Spotify by DayLuna and after checking what they said against a couple other articles I realised I had overcomplicated the "To Respond" strategy.

I had originally interpreted it to mean that I had to wait for the universe to confirm/respond positively to whatever urge I had communicated but the truth is far simpler!

How am I "To Respond"?

I simply need to pay attention to my sacral (gut) response for what gets me excited in any given moment. When I'm excited I have unlimited energy to throw into whatever I'm currently excited about. And I find it really helpful to think of my excitement as my "play" and "experimentation" time. So I ask myself the questions "What feels like play right now?" or "How can I experience this with the least effort and cost to see if I want to do more of it?".

When I think about "play time" I think about how young children and Manifesting Generators are one and the same when it comes to attention spans. When I visit my niece and nephew we'll do 16 different activities in a day and some of them several times over... "What? You want to play Hide & Seek AGAIN?". 

Like children, I too chop and change frequently between different project ideas and until I listened to the DayLuna podcast I was frustrated by this virtually uncontrollable habit. Now I understand that for my own peace of mind and for those close to me, it is a trait that needs to be fully understood, appreciated and embraced as how we Manifesting Generators ARE meant to be. 

Reality vs Day Dream

Whatever excites me now, won't necessarily still excite me later. The excitement can be fleeting and it is often the case that the reality of the idea doesn't match up with the excitement of the day dream. 

So if I find myself spending way too much time day dreaming about an idea, one way to curb it is to find a way to physically experience it sooner rather than later. The sooner I can experience it in reality the sooner I receive the necessary feedback to determine if it's right for me or not. And if it's not quite for me, I allow myself to drop what felt 'off' and keep what felt right.

Recently a friend said she was interested in starting a business as a hypnotherapist having done a course in hypnotherapy the month before. From everything she had told me about herself I suspected her reality might be substantially different from her day dream. So I challenged her to start running free hypnotherapy sessions with willing participants asap. A week or two later she called to inform me that hypnotherapy was certainly not her path. Day dream dropped!

Side Tip: How to make a task feel like play

If you have an important task in front of you that you are not so excited or inspired to do, then I have two strategies for you:

1) Ask yourself "How can this task feel like play?" and then rattle off all the reasons why this task could be exciting. I love to brainstorm and so my mind will expand and twist to find new perspectives to get excited about it and then BAM I'm excited to smash out that task! If you love brainstorming this won't be a chore, it will be a fun exercise. For the latter see option 2 below.

2) Simply ask the universe for inspiration to do the task and immediately act on it when it comes. It never ceases to amaze me how often and how quickly this works. I'll ask for inspiration to do a chore like "vacuuming the house" and then sometime that day I'll suddenly receive a burst of energy and desire to get out of my chair and move. Next thing I know I'm vacuuming and happily doing so.

Serve my purpose means to live by my Strategy

The DayLuna podcast helped me to realise that the way to serve my purpose is by living in accordance with my Manifesting Generator Strategy and Authority. By correctly applying these in decision making, I achieve ultimate flow and frictionless efficiency.

The universe knows what excites me and is constantly nudging me towards those things. I'm truly the last to know because I only know in the moment of experiencing it if it's for me or not. 

It's an interesting dynamic whereby I don't know where I'm going but following my excitement is the path to get there. It's like trying to find a party by following the music.

So by this analogy I don't know what my purpose is until I'm doing it. By doing what lights me up I begin serving my purpose for the greater good. It just so happens to be that what I consider "play" you might think of as "work" and vice versa.

The Universe has my back

This past year has been one big lesson that the universe has my back regardless if I am living in accordance with my blueprint or not. When I'm off course it keeps trying to shunt me back onto the path of least resistance.

When I am off my path I'm adding friction to my life which results in the Not-Self theme of Frustration. When I'm on my path, life is smooth, exciting and in flow.

And what happens when I am in flow? Unforeseen doors open to me, events line up perfectly, I buzz with excitement and incredible synchronicities abound!  

Prioritising play time

Moving forward my intention is to move through life in a state of perpectual state of play and experimentation. This might come naturally to some but for me who prioritised thinking over feeling for most of my life, this is a revolutionary way of being. It requires a massive shift in mindfulness and hence a big reason for creating this blog series.

Journalling every day keeps me present and aware of my feelings in every moment. It also generates a LOT of content to blog about! Once mastered I feel this will have an incredible impact on my life on many levels. So incredible in fact, I've felt a long time urge to start an Online Community so we can all journal and Mastermind our journeys together.

Comment on this post if being part of such a Community interests you?

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17 years of soul searching led me to discover that what lights me up the most also gives me huge amounts of energy. Efficiency and shining the spotlight on others is a passion that permeates through everything I do.

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