Our Energy is Not Infinite

As Manifesting Generators, our energy reserves are not infinite. While we are known for having huge amounts of energy, this is only true when we are lit up. Our energy comes in waves therefore it's not constant nor is it endless. 

When the exciting wave comes, we ride it hard and fast until the wave breaks on the shore. The moment this happens we might find ourselves in a conundrum. The intense feeling of the wave can be so addictive that its understandable to want to continuously ride the next exciting wave, one after the other with no rests in between! 

Repercussions of Not Resting

Now just imagine imagine the repercussions to your life if you could do that? If the exciting rush of energy for what you are working on never stopped? Becoming a workaholic is pretty much a sure thing! Sure, you would love your work but other areas of your life are sure to suffer such as not spending enough quality time with friends, family and your significant other. Your sleep will likely suffer (as mine did) because your mine is contantly switched on. Your health may decline because you aren't prioritising enough time for exercise and cooking your own healthy meals.

Recognising my own pattern of trying to ride the wave constantly and paddling upstream when I should have been effortlessly floating down it is the reason I'm writing this post.

The Lesson

This past week has taught me the valuable lesson that what we do during our rest time is just as important as what we do during our productive time

For the past few weeks my time riding the excitable wave had been getting shorter and shorter. I would look outside at the beautiful blue sky day and feel an impulse to go for a walk in the park and feel the sun on my skin but I immediately ignored it. Interesting to note that I was honouring work-related impulses but not the impulses for relaxation and life balance. 

So this week when the wave crashed on Tuesday after just one day of productivity I suddenly remembered the above quote and the learning took hold. Over the coming days I made the decision to honour relaxation and life balance as being just as important as work time. In fact, when the wave breaks, rest is the single most important thing I can do. The sooner and more frequently I rest, the sooner I will have the energy to ride another wave.  

Sidenote: Something I have learnt about extended periods of rest (weeks) is that it creates space to really hear the desires of your soul. These periods can yield big Aha Moments and clarity for the direction you want to head in next.

So What Qualifies as Rest? 

I see it as doing all the things that bring equilibrium to all areas of my life: Getting out and being social, quality time with friends and family, indulging in hobbies, reading a book, sunbaking on the beach, watching a movie, going out for a meal, taking a walk in nature, excercising, dancing, journaling, cleaning my house, taking care of personal tasks, and getting away for the weekend (the best).

I also keep reading that us Manifesting Generators need to go to bed before we are tired and just chillout horizontally. This part is still a work in progress for me. I'm making the decision now (as I write this) to get into bed by 10pm and begin reading the book I've just placed next to my bed every night before sleep. The moment I appreciate the benefits you'll be sure to read a post on it 🙂

How Can You Apply this to Your Life?

As soon as you recognise you are no longer energetically lit up and you can feel your energy and enthusiasm waning, respectfully honour that it's time to take a break. Go for a walk, meditate, read a book, do yoga or journal about all the things that happened recently that you are grateful for. The goal is to get out of your work mind completely and find balance. The better get at switching out, the sooner you'll feel the desire to return. 

Here's an exercise to help you with that.

  1. Grab an A4 sheet of paper and evenly space out down the page the following 9 headings: 
    1. Financial
    2. Business/Career
    3. Personal/Spiritual Development
    4. Health
    5. Family
    6. Social
    7. Romance
    8. Fun & Recreation
    9. Altruism/philanthropy
  2. Under each heading, list what you could do to feel better in that area of your life i.e. Health: Take a walk, stretch, get some sun, stock the kitchen table with nice fruits to snack on.
  3. Become mindful that the moment you no longer feel lit up, turn to this list and see what you can do under each heading.
  4. Continue to add to this list as you go. I find I have more ideas to add when I'm riding the wave. How about you?

The Domino Effect

It's been said that when one area of your life sees improvement, it has a domino effect on the other areas too.

It's easy to see that if your business/career improves then your financial situation could improve and then you have more money for the other areas of your life.

Now ask yourself:

  • How could adding more fun to my life improve the other areas?
  • How could becoming more organised (personal development) improve the other areas?

About the Author

Mark J Reynolds

17 years of soul searching led me to discover that what lights me up the most also gives me huge amounts of energy. Efficiency and shining the spotlight on others is a passion that permeates through everything I do.

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