After hitting the wall last week I learnt the lesson of why I need to regularly rest, recharge and switch focus (if necessary) to ALLOW the next wave of energy to roll in. By Sunday I felt recharged and ready to recommence work on working on the Manifesting Generators (MG) project, or so I thought. It seems the universe had other plans for me.

Try as I might on Sunday and Monday, my mind was a hazy, murky cloud when it came to making headway on the MG project. Every now and again I wondered if I should change focus to my KaHuna Australia (KA) project but dismissed it just as quick despite having clarity for it. I was SO determined to make headway that I was ignoring my sacral response and the light and easy path.

On Monday evening as I climbed into bed to begin my chill out period before sleep, I decided to write my gratitude for the money and freebies that have come to me and how lucky I am for being born in Australia and into a loving family. It was during this gratitude rampage that the KA project popped randomly into my head again. It was then that I finally asked myself "Is it time to focus on KaHuna Australia instead?"

Tuesday morning I awoke with a stream of clarity, excitement and ideas for how to move forward with my KA project. Woo hoo I am in flow again! I had clear ideas for how to engage my audience directly to get their collaboration and how to grow the number of profiles at a much quicker rate. 

I've noticed how I can be happily working on one thing and in the blink of an eye my energy is abruptly shifted as I receive a download to start or resume work on something else. And I can't help but wonder "Is this going to keep happening for the rest of my life?". Will I just have to get used to not telling anyone what I'm working on because my energy could drop and shift at LITERALLY any time?

So now I'm pondering:

  • My lack of clarity and refusal to recognise the prompts to switch projects.
  • Why I'm sometimes in flow with both projects at once and other times only in flow with one.
  • How abrupt the emotional shift can be from one project to the other.

For now, I have two theories:

  1. I'm undergoing intense training for how to operate the machine that is me. I'm in boot camp and this boot camp lives the motto "Train hard, fight easy".
  2. I gain new learnings and perspectives from one project to use on the other. Both are being built in unison to give me the flexibility I need to foster these fresh perspectives.

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Mark J Reynolds

17 years of soul searching lead me to discover that what lights me up the most also gives me huge amounts of energy. Efficiency and promoting others is a challenge and a passion that permeates through everything I do.

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