Last week I had the good fortune to have a Zoom conversation with Wilhelmus Adrianus Maria Minten or 'Wim' for short. What made it particularly fortuitous for me was when he pointed out that I was accepting the narrative of what my chart said about me. 

You see, not so long ago I learnt that by having an Open Heart I was susceptible to not understanding my own self-worth and therefore the reason I have been struggling to place a price on my time and talent. Instead of taking that onboard as a belief to resolve, I instead looked for creative ways to work around the issue. I had made the mistake of accepting the Open Heart's narrative as permanent truth.

And what did my creative mind come up with? The Value for Value Model that I wrote a week ago. Interesting huh?

With a "Mamma Mia!" flat hand smack to my forehead I new what I had to do.... upgrade my beliefs around 'self-worth'!

But why stop there? 

There were other less than desirable traits in my Open Centres that needed attention too! Solar Plexus, Heart and Identity. 

So I sat down with my journal and went to town in extracting the bottom beliefs I needed to pull and the empowering beliefs to replace them with. Over the coming days I also journaled and found the beliefs that were causing friction and discomfort in my life. Between the Theta Healing and EFT work, I'm now feeling a new sense of calm, tolerance patience and self-worth. 

And the biggest change? I now feel comfortable in setting a price for my time and talent! That is HUGE for me.

The Pattern App

On an inspired impulse of curiosity I opened The Pattern app installed on my phone. I highly recommend downloading The Pattern as it's a FREE tool to read about the cycles you are personally going through, your character traits and World Timing. It requires the same details that you enter to get your Human Design chart.

I opened the app to remind myself what personal cycle I was currently in. Surprise surprise my current cycle is Powerful Healing! Everything I read in that section resonated with what I was experiencing and it made sense that this cycle started in April this year (2021) when I decided to go back to having flatmates.

Why? Because living with other people tests us to our limits! To live harmoniously it requires flexibility, tolerance, patience, forgiveness, compassion and the occasional confrontation. I didn't get the message with my first few flatmates but I definitely received the message loud and clear with my current one. It certainly has been and will continue to be a period of Powerful Healing. FYI this cycle ends in February 2022.

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