No More Days, Just Learnings

For the first dozen or so days of the journaling experiment I was able to keep up with posting but blogging over the weekends and as projects ramped up, it just became a chore. So from this point onwards I am going to stop prefacing each blog article with "DAY X" and just post when I have something meaningful to share.

Let's Get Up to Speed

So much has happened since my last post. Here it is in point form:

  • At my psychic development circle I receive the message I needed to confront my flatmate to bring our negative energy out into the open. The day after I did that we were considerably better again. Just by admitting that I was triggered by something he was doing, it popped the negative energy bubble that had us avoiding each other.
  • I held the first MG Virtual Get Together event 2 days ago and it went very well. I received lots of positive and constructive feedback. My To Do list is now astronomically large! Suffice to say I'm prioritising!
  • Even though the event lasted 3 hours, I went on to have a 3 hour chat with one of the attendees plus an hour with another attendee straight afterwards. After 7 hours of talking I was lit with ideas for the future but also energetically depleted. It took 24 hours to recharge before I could focus again.
  • These 1:1 conversations yielded a very powerful insight regarding my Open Heart Centre (shared in tomorrow's post).
  • I now understand why Source pushed me to do an expensive course in November last year (shared in this post).
  • Thanks to a recommendation gained during my 3 hour post-event chat, yesterday I began a 14 day exercise to change my energy around money (shared in this post).
  • I also now understand how the skills gained from my KaHuna Australia project will directly benefit the Manifesting Generator Events and expansions. 
  • For a long time I've felt called to facilitate Mastermind groups. I feel Masterminding and group journaling will be a powerful combination in helping members apply their design.
  • My body lit up with excitement with the idea of acquiring unpaid University Students majoring in Digital Marketing to help me market my newfound passion for Human Design. It would give them an opportunity to apply their learnings in the real-world, learn Human Design and possibly collaborate with me afterwards.

Why Source Nudged Me into an Expensive Course

Last year upon a strong and undeniable message from the Divine, I paid a lot of money to attend a 6 day virtual entrepreneurship course and at the time (and after) I was asking the universe "Why did I do that course? What was the purpose?". It wasn't until I was preparing for this event that the answer became clear... I learnt how to organise and present to a virtual audience. While that wasn't the actual teachings of the course, I learnt through observation how to organise and present my own. 

Changing my Energetic Relationship with Money

During my epically long 1:1 conversation after the virtual event 2 days ago, we were discussing our financial situations and my female chat partner suggested I use a simple 14 day exercise to change my energetic relationship to money. She had previously done it for only 3 days and had magic results. 

Her simple instructions were as follows:

  1. Take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle.
  2. Everyday write at least 10 times the following sentence down the left column "Ample amounts of US dollars are coming to me now" 
  3. As you are writing and rewriting each sentence, write in the right column any opposing thoughts or words that flash into your mind i.e. I'm not worthy, money eludes me, there's never enough etc

I like this exercise because as you write the affirmation, you become conscious of your contradictory beliefs. By writing those thoughts down you can then be proactive in treating them. I use EFT and Theta Healing on mine.

She mentioned that just by writing the affirmation many times, the combination of the physical senses involved seems to cause an energetic release. I can say that while writing the sentences, I did yawn a few times which for me means I'm releasing stuck energy.

Starting the Money Experiment

Anyway, I'm on day 2 and I've had one good thing happen so far where a friend asked for my bank details so he could put some money in my account as appreciation for an online profile I created for him in my KaHuna Australia directory. Winning!

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17 years of soul searching led me to discover that what lights me up the most also gives me huge amounts of energy. Efficiency and shining the spotlight on others is a passion that permeates through everything I do.

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