Synchronicity Strikes

About a month ago 3 people in the space of 2 weeks excitedly talked to me about Feng Shui and how I could rearrange my furniture to enhance the energy flow of my bedroom which was also where my desk was. Recognising the synchronicity I took photos of my bedroom and sent them off to a friend before discussing the optimal energy flow, based on my birth date.

For me:

  • North = Success
  • South = Health
  • East = Relationships
  • West = Neutral (no advantage).

At the time of the reading both my desk and my crown (while sleeping) were pointing West (neutral) therefore I was gaining zero energy flow advantage.

Also I had a very large ocean print hanging over my bed and desk which is apparently VERY BAD because I was "drowning myself" every night. 

So to begin with I made a couple of quick changes:

  1. I moved the ocean print downstairs until I figured out what to do with it. Prior to taking down the print, I found that whenever I tried to sleep with all the windows and doors closed (no air flow) to keep the room warmer in winter, I would get really thirsty throughout the night and would need to crack the balcony door for fresh air. However after taking down the ocean print, I no longer had this issue.  
  2. I remade my bed so my pillows were at the other end and my crown pointed East for relationships. Within 2 weeks I experienced a very serendipitous encounter which left me intrigued and eager for more. I also made a bunch of new friends. 

Moving the Desk for SUCCESS

The Feng Shui recommendation for my desk was to place it directly in front of the inner door because "clients come through the door". While I don't actually see clients in my home because I work purely online, the energy flow apparently works this way regardless. I did argue that placing the desk in front of the inner bedroom door is a very weird configuration for a bedroom but for the sake of experimentation I was willing to give it a go!

However, while I was eager to optimise the desk for success I had been concerned that it would wobble too much if the long edge wasn't jammed up against the western wall. But last night while attempting to sleep I suddenly received a couple of ideas for how to better stabilise it.

My Feng Shui Day

So this morning I bounded out of bed with the required inspiration to rearrange my room for optimal "Success" energy flow and sure enough, jamming the side of the desk up against the wall in front of the inner door did prove reasonably stable!

Next I spun my bed so my crown pointed north too and then rearranged everything else to fit. Lastly I received an idea to cover the large ocean print with my favourite travel pics from the past 20 years and hang it downstairs for a feel good feature wall. That will be a future project.

What's Next?

So that was my Feng Shui Day, I still have more to do such as placing specific colours in each end or corner of the room but for now it's time to get back to work on my KaHuna Australia project which I'll write about in another post. I'll come back and update this post at a later date with any profound happenings that occur.

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