Since the start of this experiment and the Manifesting Generator Virtual Events I have been pondering how I would go about monetising all this and do it quick enough to pay my next set of bills. Many revenue models have since passed through my mind and 3 more recently in as many days. 

But in the late hour of this evening a stream of new potent thoughts came into my awareness.

First I realised that my mind was creating these revenue models and it is a very bad idea to pursue mind generated ideas. And I remembered that I have 'the Gift of Self Assurance which comes into being when a human being first learns to let go of their thinking as the authority in making decisions. With Self Assurance must come a profound surrender to life in every moment.'

Today during a video chat with two Manifesting Generator friends, I noticed that I REALLY enjoyed the discussion and the insights that were pouring out (which I forgot to record).

Then this evening as new people registered their interest for the virtual events I found myself eagerly interested to chatting 1 on 1 with all of them to find out their story, their life struggles, gifts and wisdom and how I can potentially help, promote or synergise with them.

After this expanded awareness I revisited the longing within me to create and share, share, share my many ideas with the world.

Because share-worthy content is CONSTANTLY pouring out of me and I have more ideas than you can poke a stick at, I currently feel the influencer revenue model is the one that will work well for me: Grow a large following of my website and Social Media channels (Facebook Group & YouTube) and sell advertising space that is highly relevant to my audience and for the content shared. This way my following and revenue is based on the quality of what I share.

But I do have one Digital Product idea up my sleeve that I've begun working on but I'm keeping that a secret until it's ready!

Guidelines for Monetising Me

Today I also revisited the summaries I derived from my free chart and the lines of my Prosperity sequence. I found it especially helpful to list them in point form straight down the page so that I could assess future ideas to see if they are aligned to MY DESIGN criteria:

  • I'm best to forge a web of contacts and one-to-one relationships. Focus is on quality not quantity.
  • I have the gift of Precision: When the heart leads the way and uses logic to describe what it sees and feels, others cannot help but listen.
  • I guide the flow of information out into the world.
  • When I follow my true love in life, I find myself drawn to Line 1 people (Subject Matter Experts) which forms a symbiotic relationship.
  • I shine a light on ideas and people that I sense will have an enormous beneficial impact on the world.
  • I grease the wheels of prosperity by connecting the right people with the right ideas.
  • I am highly attuned to the synchronicity at work behind the events of our lives. I am a pioneer in making use of the connectivity of our modern culture.
  • My role is to bridge different spheres and networks. This can be about bringing together different gene pools, different skills, different ideas, and different cultures.
  • I am about openness and honesty. Communication must always be through the Heart.
  • I am here to put the heart back into business.
  • By speaking from my heart I allow others to speak directly out of theirs.
  • I speak from my own life experience and examples.
  • I engender trust by telling you how it is, and leaving you to dream of how it could be.
  • To begin anything, I must first have a clear intention. The more selfless my intention, the more power it will have.
  • To get my intention clear, I must ask myself the question “How can I be of the greatest service to humanity?” Then I must live the answer.
  • I will always have the greatest impact, when I allows others to be self empowered

Suffice to say the influencer model does fit the above criteria and I can also create my own digital products and promote them to my following using my marketing channels. But it's not going to be a time-limited hard sell. I really don't like the idea of selling something just to make money. My desire is to sell valuable tools that have a positive impact on lives and the money it generates allows me to continue serving in this way.

About the Author

Mark J Reynolds

17 years of soul searching led me to discover that what lights me up the most also gives me huge amounts of energy. Efficiency and shining the spotlight on others is a passion that permeates through everything I do.

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