Feeling lost in life?

As I read over Manifesting Generator's posts on Facebook I find many people feel lost in life and miserable. I've been there! And many times too. 

One of the key things I learnt when applying my design was to stop trying to 'figure things out for myself'. In fact I quickly learnt I had to stop any form of 'trying' completely. 

Because when I am 'trying', I am thinking, and thinking is a function of the mind. Inspiration doesn't come from the mind, it comes from outside of us. And inspiration is what our excitable impulses are made of!

I don't need to 'try' because when I receive excitable impulses they carry a message, an answer, a strategy, a solution. Whatever it is that I need to know next, it is dropped into my lap when or even ahead of when I need it.

I haven't had to 'try' anything since I began this experiment because in surrendering all thinking, I have been constantly bombarded by all the answers. The part that has been slowing me down is having to implement them all by myself! I can only imagine how exponentially fast I could grow my projects if I had a team!

Surrendering to the impulses of what lights me up and diving in with wild abandon is ultimately what pulled me out of my last 'lost' feeling. This surrender was the missing piece of my puzzle. 

So my suggestion to my readership is to let your excitement and satisfaction be your guide. In doing so you will be serving your purpose and the universe will reward you with answers and unseen opportunities.

What lights you up?

If you are struggling to figure out what lights you up and gets your motor running then you might find it helpful to think of your passions, dreams, interests, curiosity, hobbies and strengths in terms of energy flow. 

What you are looking for is the activity which gives you UNLIMITED ENERGY.


  1. What do you have UNLIMITED energy for?
  2. What subject or activity GIVES you energy rather than taking it away?
  3. What is "play" for you but work for others?


A friend of mine is an alternative healer, single mother of 2, has a full-time job and was struggling to get her business off the ground. She is skilled in the modalities of Hypnosis, Theta Healing, Psychic Mediumship, NSR and Diamond Light Numerology. 

So I asked her a simple question:
"Imagine you've worked a full week, you've cooked and cleaned up after your 2 children and you collapse exhausted on the couch. If I were to ask you a question about any of your modalities, which one would give you an instant surge of energy and re-energise you the more you talk about it?"

Her answer was instant - Diamond Light Numerology!

To anyone that knew her this was painfully obvious. She was a natural with numbers and could talk forever and a day about Numerology. All someone had to do was give her a birth date or two and she could tear those numbers apart in her head and tell you EVERYTHING about that person, their relationships, careers, life challenges etc.

It took that simple question to make her realise Diamond Light Numerology was the activity that fully lit her body up with unlimited energy.

Play with it

Re-read my questions above and contemplate your answers. Choose one and dive in with wild abandon to see where it leads you or until the passion runs dry.

The moment you recognise that it feels more like 'work' than 'play', it's time to backtrack to where it felt like 'play' then tweak your direction and explore another path. Wash and repeat.

Just play and experiment with it. Life is meant to be fun... not serious. 

Everything I do now is about play. I don't think of myself as going to work... I go to play.

Oh and remember... As a Manifesting Generator, don't be surprised if you have multiple activities that give you unlimited energy. That's perfectly fine!

My Mantra

My new mantra is "Surrender to the impulses", perhaps you'd like to try it.

About the Author

Mark J Reynolds

17 years of soul searching led me to discover that what lights me up the most also gives me huge amounts of energy. Efficiency and shining the spotlight on others is a passion that permeates through everything I do.

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