This morning I awoke feeling uninspired again but resolute that I would make the best of the day.

First I started with EFT Tapping on the topic of 'Betrayal' which related to my Heart chakra. I had been told many times over the past 6 months that once my heart fully opened then my intuitive abilities would significantly increase (or something like that). Having learnt last week that the shadow of my heart chakra is 'Betrayal' and the gift is 'Trust' I went to work using a special Diamond Light meditation and EFT.

I can certainly feel something changing within me these past couple of weeks as I embrace my Manifesting Generator Human Design type. By understanding, forgiving and loving myself more deeply, it appears to be making it easier for me to have tolerance and compassion for other people's faults. It makes sense to me that we all came to the physical realm to experience some form of hardship from which to learn lessons from so we can grow and evolve towards enlightenment in this life or the next. So if someone is annoying me then I dare say I'm annoying them too!

To the best of my ability and momentary awareness I am now choosing to have compassion for my neighbour and be a role model for them.

Journaling to the Rescue

I've made a habit of writing in my Gratitude journal at least once daily if not every morning and night. I had hoped that in my newly balanced headspace and journaling my thoughts would deliver a jolt of inspiration, causing me to leap out of bed and into lit up action... And it did! Clarity abounds!

Buzzing in Flow Again

At first I had multiple things lighting me up so I starting writing today's post. Then an impulse came in the form of words for how to write a casual email and post to send to the Ka Huna Community so they begin populating the KaHuna Australia directory. That email was so easy to write I was clearly buzzing in flow.

Next I launched into creating a tutorial video. I had written the tutorial last week but the inspiration to make the video had been avoiding me. But thanks to this morning's journaling and taking the "Something is better than nothing" mindset, I completed the video far quicker than I was anticipating. So then I uploaded it to YouTube and embedded it into the tutorial post.

I'm on FIRE today and loving it.

Time for a mental break and a workout in the park.

Returning home I was my usual bit of exhausted after various pull ups, dips, inclined pushups and pistol squats. I could have EASILY gone straight to sleep but as it was only 6pm that would have been a bad idea.

Over-Engineering: The Nemesis of Manifesting Generators

While processing a new bodyworker profile I was very frustrated by the longwinded process I had created for myself. I decided to cut it back to only the critical elements that I needed right now. Yep, I had made the mistake of over-engineering it. I'm thinking that's probably a common Manifesting Generator trait. 

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17 years of soul searching led me to discover that what lights me up the most also gives me huge amounts of energy. Efficiency and shining the spotlight on others is a passion that permeates through everything I do.

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