Manifested Moments

Created a Facebook group called Manifested Moments for sharing the story behind each of our manifestations, large and small. As we expand our awareness for what is possible and acknowledge the truly INFINITE ways our manifestations can happen, it increases our belief and certainty that not only can we have our desires but those desires (and more) can come effortlessly!

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Yesterday's Manifested Moment

Manifested a part-time job working for Outside Hours School Care (OHSC). It matched what I had asked Source for:

  • 20-25 hours per week
  • Afternoon shifts only
  • Won't feel pressured to go full-time and can leave at any time
  • Not sitting in front of computer screens
  • Not too mentally taxing nor highly repetitive
  • Able to share the life skills and wisdom I've learnt to date

I filled out all the forms today and got approved for a Blue Card. Now just waiting to be informed of the next steps. From the moment of expressing my interest to now it has just been 24 hours!

No more issues with charging for my time

In my last post #40 – The Surrender Experiment – Take 2 I cited that I got anxiety at the thought of charging people upfront for my time and it had been a life-long obstacle I hadn't yet overcome. Weirdly somewhere between a psychic reading I received and the slap in the face of simple logic, I suddenly found that balloon has popped! Now I don't seem to have that anxiety anymore. But, and this important, I still won't charge until I feel confident that I am giving value comensurate of my fee. 

Psychic Reading

Received a psychic reading last weekend that gave me the following messages;

  • I'm a searcher. I find things for other people. Spiritual archeologist. Shadow work. I unearth things that are for others and then I release them. I'm not creating, I'm unearthing. My note: I felt that he was talking about unearthing people's Divine Vocation as shared at the bottom of post #38 - Acceleration.
  • I can Manifest small stuff easily but not big stuff (TRUE). This is intentional as I need to learn to manifest for the good of all, not just for myself.
  • My Animal totem is possibly a Groundhog. Slow unearthing, brushing away the dirt, like delicately unearthing of the bones of a dinosaur. Guiding others on divine timing. Basically give them patience while their visions continue to unfold before them as it gradually did for me.
  • Eat more raw foods.
  • Everything happens in divine timing, not my timing.
  • My soulmate will likely have the same gift as me and do the same work. That has been said before by another psychic (Sequoia Haskell).

About the Author

Mark J Reynolds

17 years of soul searching led me to discover that what lights me up the most also gives me huge amounts of energy. Efficiency and shining the spotlight on others is a passion that permeates through everything I do.

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