Out of Alignment

So this morning I woke up uninspired to work on the very thing I was inspired by 12 hours earlier. Figured I'd entered a temporary pause so I switched to work on something else but by the end of the hour I had to drop that task too because it felt out of alignment.

I already knew what I was avoiding... and that's creating an interview series for both the KaHuna Australia and Manifesting Generators web projects. To prove it to myself I chunked down the steps to take action on them and surprise surprise I was lit up again! 

The reason for avoiding creating these series is because my mind keeps struggling with how long it could take to generate an income from it.

So my current life challenge is to fully surrender all control and trust that the universe will bring the income I need when I need it. While I do keep seeing evidence of this (I received a $250 donation recently), I still haven't fully internalised it to the point of having total unwavering faith that will work out fine. 

It's an interesting experiment to say the least.

Gene Keys

I reviewed my Gene Keys chart findings again this afternoon and it gave me the self-assurance to stop fighting it. So with that I made the decision to dive into the unknown and see what happens!

For those who haven't heard of GeneKeys.com, it is a sister system and a derivative work of Human Design. Being put off by the complexity of the Human Design chart when I initially saw it, I first fully went through the three Gene Keys chart sequences (Genius, Love and Prosperity) before coming back and diving into Human Design.

Because there is much content to read in the Gene Key chapters, I went the extra mile of summarising all my Gene Keys and Line Numbers to create an easy to reference to assess future decisions by. That little system paid dividends today.

Tarot Insight

What inspired me to write this post was that I shuffled and pulled a card from my Tarot deck (Reverse 2 of Wands) to see what it said about my lack of inspiration and was blown away by the accuracy....

"The Two of Wands reversed encourages you to draw your attention inwards and focus on your personal goals. Consider what is truly important to you and what lights you up. You may have headed in one direction, only to realise it wasn’t in full alignment with your deeper values and purpose. This card invites you to go back to the drawing board and reconnect with your dreams and ambitions, then make the necessary adjustments to your path ahead."

Learning to Feel Your Alignment

It occurred to me that lately I've become rather sensitive and self-aware of what my alignment feels like now that I understand how I was designed to operate. I'm no longer second guessing myself a thousand times. I recognise when I'm out of alignment far quicker than I used to and I auto-correct much faster too. 

If you are struggling to know when you are in alignment and when you are not, my suggestion is to go find yourself a meditation and intuition (psychic) development group or coach. As you practice the exercises you gradually begin to attune to your feelings of:

  • what feels light and easy versus heavy and hard
  • what feelings are yours versus other peoples
  • what feels like a 'Yes' versus a 'No'
  • what is an intuited message versus a mental thought 

Some people will get the hang of this faster than others. If you can afford coaching it may expedite your progress. The sooner you can tell the difference between being in and out of alignment with your path of least resistance, the sooner you can accelerate towards your goals and dreams and feel a WHOLE lot of satisfaction! 

Can you put a price on that?

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Mark J Reynolds

17 years of soul searching led me to discover that what lights me up the most also gives me huge amounts of energy. Efficiency and shining the spotlight on others is a passion that permeates through everything I do.

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