Didn't feel overly satisfied with my progress today. I was VERY unfocused throughout the day. I had plenty to do, quiet time to do it and I actually felt like doing the work. I don't know why but the issue is that I allowed myself day dream constantly. I really needed to turn off all social media, put my phone on mute, set a timer and a reward.

The most productive part of the day was right before going to bed when I decided to write a very detailed list of questions to Run The World support which will help me with testing tomorrow.

No major decisions required today. I just needed to put one foot in front of the other.

Today I did put my hand up to host a party at my place Saturday night so I could have some fun social time but one of my friends (thankfully) threw his hand up to host instead as I had hosted last time. Really glad he did too because I heard he lives on the beach and has a really nice place. 

Going bushwalking tomorrow afternoon before the party. Between the beach house gathering and the bushwalk that ought to be sufficient in recharging my batteries. While I've read that us introverts get depleted by spending too much time around other people and need to be alone to recharge, I'm also finding that too much time alone requires social time with people to recharge.

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