Human Design
Individual Report

Understand your chart, Strategy & Authority, and how you're supposed to make decisions that will feel right for you.

Why get an Individual Report?

In this report, I will go through how your open/undefined centers can be seen as Profit Centers and then go deeper into the specific money-making energies that the gates in the Profit center represent.

Get this report to understand WHAT you are selling and HOW you are designed to sell it.

How do we attract money?

Every single open center, gate, or channel has receptors for the not-self, for what you are here to receive and experience through your connection to other people. You make money through the not-self, and it's only your openness that can bring you material benefits.

What is included?

Your Money Report will be delivered as a LIVE Notion Page so you can access and edit it from any device.

  • Your Profit Centers - From what energy you are designed to gain profit. 
  • Your Dominant Circuitry - Are you meant to empower, support, or share?
  • Your Profile Lines - How you are meant to interact with others.
  • Your Open Gates - This is WHAT you sell
  • Your Defined Gates - This is HOW you sell
  • Explanation of Your Incarnation Cross

What is Notion?

Notion is a note-taking software platform designed to help solopreneurs, businesses, and organizations of all sizes to manage their knowledge for greater efficiency and productivity. It provides a workspace that adapts to your needs and it is as minimal or as powerful as you need it to be.

Even its FREE version is perfect for organizing every corner of your work & life.

We chose to use Notion so that you can view and edit your report at any time, across any device, during discussions and experimentation of your Human Design and aspirations.