WARNING: This is going to be a long post. 

Evolution on Steroids

"The biggest lessons and opportunities for your self-evolution come from your worst times because suffering is an indication of wrong thought." - by David Cameron Gikandi

I haven't posted since the 21st of September and while that is only 4 or 5 weeks ago, in terms of how far I feel I've come in that time it really feels like months! This post is going to be a sharing of a smattering of experiences that stand out in my mind.


By speaking authentically and vulnerability from the heart I was able to instantly diffuse a heated disagreement with my flatmate by simply owning and explaining my Not-Self-Themes and therefore why I exploded the way I did. He met me with the same energy which was a powerful experience for both of us. From this peaceful state I was then able to let him know that his guarded, fiesty and aggressive energy made him very unapproachable and unable to gracefully receive any constructive feedback which was why our issue had gotten to this volatile point.

While my flatmate and I certainly weren't compatible flatmates I didn't ask him to move out because I was learning a great deal about tolerance and flexibility. However, not long after that incident, something else happened and I asked Source to remove him from my life... but nothing happened. In the past when I made such a request, Source promptly responded. But this time it became clear that I was going to have to ask him to leave and this was just a test of my ability to set my personal boundaries.

So I confronted him, stated the obvious and that it was time he found somewhere else to live. Interestingly, the day of his departure he opened up and admitted that he was grateful I asked him to move out because by his own nature, he would have stayed indefinitely in his misery until asked to leave.

Both he and I had an undefined Solar Plexus and Heart Centre.

Converting to a Feeling-Based Guidance System

One of my life's biggest struggles to date has been about trying to control and know the fate of my efforts before I even began. I had been living a purely thinking-based existence and this approach was constantly failing me. 

I began this blog to journal my experience of surrendering my mind to follow my feelings instead. It has proved to be a life-changing experience and one that I never wish to undo. In fact writing this blog has heightened my sensitivity for my feelings as it gave me the practice to articulate what I was feeling which is the foundation for developing Clairsentience (clear feeling). I made this connection while in my Psychic development class and doing a blind card reading. 

Up until 2 weeks ago I was still meeting resistance and trying to figure out what I needed to do to move forward again. Now I've realised that journaling quickly solves all my issues. Whenever I'm unsure of what to do, when my mind is murky or any subtle contradictory feeling is detected, I eagerly dive onto my bed with a pen and journal. I find the feeling, sit in it and begin writing. The first sentence might not be poignant but quite often the very next one is!  

I was so excited 4 weeks ago by the speed of change in my life that I began writing a program to teach it. However, as time rolled on and my vision continued to reshape and unfold, I felt that this learning was just one part of the vision and there was more to come.

Your Wish Is Your Command

As a Manifesting Generator "timing" is something we detect and need to respect. So often I feel lit up by an idea but I can feel the idea is not for right now. So about 3 weeks I suddenly felt that my passion for and practice of the Law Of Attraction was coming forward again into the picture and potentially as a separate program to compliment the feeling program above.

So 3 weeks ago when I felt the Law Of Attraction was re-entering, I received a sign to dive into it. A year earlier a friend heavily recommended I listen to a FREE audio series on YouTube called "Your Wish Is Your Command". At the time I put it aside with the intent to pick it up "one day". Well a recent synchronicity told me it was time to listen to this series.

Having read and listened to much on the subject, I quickly consumed and understood the finer details of why the "Your Wish Is Your Command" series was held in such high regard. As an efficiency buff in all areas of my life, I found a few more efficiencies in this process to add to my own.  If you (the reader) are considering listening to this series, please know that the first 5 parts are very repetitive. The 4 basics are important especially the "Training Balance Scale" but feel free to listen to it at 1.5x the normal speed to get through it. Part 6 and 7 hold the real gold.

Remember how I told my flatmate to move out? Well he needed time to save money and find a new place. 3 or 4 weeks after he came and knocked on my door to inform me he was moving out the next day. That just happened to be the very afternoon after I listened to part 6 in the morning and began practicing it!

Furthermore, after seeing a neighbour carrying their handheld vac out to clean their car a week earlier I thought "I need one of them". The day my flatmate moved out my other neighbour asked if I would like to have their stick vac with detachable handheld unit... because they just bought a Dyson! Crazy.

The Not-So-Perfect Daydream

I find that the mantra "Take MASSIVE Imperfect Action" causes me to be able to set aside my fear of judgement long enough to take the necessary action and that getting started is literally the hardest part. So now I also remind myself "I don't have to get it perfect, I just have to get it started."

This morning I discovered a huge obstacle to my workflow that I had taken for granted for years as being "normal". I didn't realise there was a belief behind it until this morning. I was fearful of not doing my daydream justice when I tried to create it in reality.

Through journaling I came to the realisation that daydreams are just lofty visions to guide my work. They don't hold any of the specifics necessary for their creation. Those specifics are discovered while creating it.

Perseverance is the trait required to accomplish a vision. When the feeling of my completed creation in reality is a match to the feeling of my daydream, then I know my daydream has been realised. Until those feelings match, I need to persevere.

Important Note on Vision: For those of us with an undefined Identity, it might be wise not to dream too lofty about a specific solution because it could hamper our ability to follow our heart. I have multiple different dreams and I'm not sure if my path is taking me to create any of them. But I do know that as long as I follow what feels good, I will end up somewhere great.

Frequency Amplification

For the past few months I had been under the illusion that I was going to create a program even though I was feeling resistance to that idea and it didn't feel aligned to my Gene Keys profile. 

On the weekend of 16/17th October I went to the "Heal Yourself Expo" because I wanted to purchase something called a "BETAR Dual Spin Coil Antenna" which emits energy without any type of power source. I believe it was originally a Nikola Tesla invention. My intent was to use it to amplify my Law of Attraction efforts by amplifying my mind and body's frequency.

I bought 3 of them and a Tensor ring to wear as a necklace to disrupt EMF from affecting my natural frequency and therefore my Law of Attraction efforts. So far so good with my testing with one unusual but pleasant side-effect.

While wearing my new necklace, I took one BETAR coil with me to show my psychic development class. On the drive there I made an error in judgement which I normally would have berated myself for and felt bad for the other driver but in this instance I virtually felt nothing which I thought was especially odd. Halfway through class my teacher turned to me and asked if I was ok. I was puzzled as that was very odd as well. Then a few minutes later the lady opposite me couldn't contain her amusement any longer and stated out loud that I looked like I was completely STONED! To which everyone laughed in agreement. Then I realised that's why my teacher asked if I was ok! I was sitting their VERY relaxed and floating on a cloud after the meditation and with this stoned smile on my face.

Suffice to say after explaining the new necklace and what the BETAR coil does, everyone wanted to buy one!

Biofield Tuning

While I was at the expo I won a free Biofield Tuning session which (in my own words) is form of sound healing for your aura and chakras using tuning forks and crystals. Well I had that experience last Wednesday and was very impressed! The practitioner had just began operating as Celestial Essence by Jess and was already very proficient. By the afternoon I found the work she had done on the left side of my Sacral had cleared multiple energetic blocks. This yielded new insights and perspectives and lifted a strong unworthiness to earning money. I shall return to see what my happens after she works on my Solar Plexus chakra!

The Acceleration

I truly feel my life and manifestation of my purpose has accelerated incredibly since discovering Human Design and the Gene Keys. Applying my Strategy, Authority, honouring my type and now this incredible feeling sensitivity, it has given me the level of reassurance of knowing I'm on track and what's coming up, that I've always dreamed of.

I reviewed the summary of my Gene Keys profile and reflected on a section that said:

"Start with a clear selfless intention. The more selfless, the more power it will have. Ask "How can I be of the greatest service to humanity?" Then live that answer."

Initially I was concerned that I hadn't been selfless enough. But when I asked myself how I've already been selfless, a cavalcade of examples flowed out: the KaHuna Australia project (a huge amount of hours has gone into this), the free MG events I've posted, responding to MG posts, writing this blog, recently I began posting in Tiktok, Instagram and my ManifestingGenerators.com FB Group, the low rent I've been charging flatmates and yet doing all the housework. I'm sure I could find more examples but I'll leave it at that.

Insights Coming Thick and Fast

Every morning since the Biofield Tuning session almost a week ago, I've been waking up with either a shift in perspective or a solution dropping in. Yesterday after surrendering effort on the KaHuna Australia project (again), I received the idea to just let people create profiles with the bare minimum of contact details.

Being on the directory is better than nothing. If they link to social media accounts then that will suffice the "further information" needs of the visitor. For Ka Huna Massage practitioners who don't want to make their own website, they have the option of fully fleshing out their KaHuna Australia profile and using that as their webpage. 

By surrendering what I want perhaps they'll get what they need. 

The Tidal Wave

I received lots of intuited messages from fellow Manifesting Generator Chris Montoya. The gist of it was that I need to learn to manage my energy because there's a tidal wave of people coming to follow and communicate with me. For this to be true what I'm going to share must be pretty epic.

Everything I've learnt to date are cooperative components of a bigger plan. My 16 year struggle has been to work for myself doing something meaningful, fulfiling and rewarding. To get to this point I needed to bust through MANY limiting beliefs, learn to let my feelings be my guide, evolve my shadows, give with no expectation of return, learn to manage my vibration and take imperfect action. 

As this is my longest fought struggle, all the wisdom I have accumulated through this experience all points to one divine vocation... helping other people to efficiently discover their own purpose and follow their feelings to bring it into reality.

With the current state of affairs of anti-vaxers choosing to quit their jobs instead of taking the jab, I feel the push is greater than ever for people to move into your divine vocation so they are free-ish of the system. Perhaps this is the source of the tidal wave.

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17 years of soul searching led me to discover that what lights me up the most also gives me huge amounts of energy. Efficiency and shining the spotlight on others is a passion that permeates through everything I do.

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