Manifesting Generators generate energy when they think about or do something that gets them so excited they can feel it in their body. The excitement pushes the Manifesting Generator forward into action. It feels effortless as though walking with a strong wind behind you.

They drain their energy by forcing themselves to work on something that no longer excites them. It's like the constant friction of trying to walk against a strong wind. They have to lean into it and apply a lot more energy and focus to achieve the same amount of progress. Their progress reduces to snail pace when they exhaust their energy supply.

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How Manifesting Generators Generate Energy

Manifesting Generators gain access to huge amounts of energy when they think about or do something that excites them. Consequently Manifesting Generators can indulge in more than one passion at a time because each time they switch focus to something else that excites them, they generate even more energy!

Obey Excitable Impulses

As a strong believer in letting my feelings be my guide I find it hugely beneficial to surrender all logic and simply flow with whatever my attention is being drawn to. Therefore throughout my day I feel excitable impulses to switch topics and do things that may not even be on my To Do list. 

Why? Because our Higher Self uses our feelings to lead us down the most efficient route to achieve our desires and to feel satisfaction.

How do I recognise an excitable impulse? It's the same as the Manifesting Generator Strategy: I observe and do whatever lights me up with excitement. If an impulse gets me excitedly leaping into action then I know I'm responding correctly!


Inspiration creates one such excitable impulse. It might be 2am in the morning and I wake with a stream of clear actionable ideas for how to move forward on a task I was previously stuck on. I'll be like "Wow! I have to write that down!" and I'll grab my phone or journal to make notes. More often than not the stream of inspired thoughts will keep me writing for over an hour.

POWERFUL TIP: I ask Source for inspiration to help me do the things I don't feel like doing such as mopping the floors or collating my tax receipts. Typically before the day is out something small will happen and without realising it, I'll follow an impulse to action such items. Mid-activity I suddenly realise how Source inspired me!

Without a doubt, any day that I mindfully surrender to the impulses, that day always turns out to be a GREAT day!

Fill Your Day With Interests

Boredom is the enemy because if you try to push yourself to do a boring activity then you will be draining your energy from a limited supply. Fill your day with interests that excite you and you'll continuously generate new energy.

The trick I use to do this is by setting myself up with a Daily Habit Tracker which serves two purposes:

  1. Keeps me mindfully aware of what I can do to maintain life balance and keep my energy high and exciting.
  2. It helps me apply The Compound Effect

How Manifesting Generators Drain Their Energy

Focusing on one thing to the exclusion of all other interests because they want to 'smash it out quicker' will often backfire as they tend to get bored with working on just one thing. When this happens their energy is drained instead of renewed. 

The reason for this is because when the task at hand no longer excites them, they stop generating energy. At this point they are operating from a limited supply and when that supply runs out, they bottom out and feel exhausted!


For about 3 weeks I had been working on the sales page and coaching program for Manifesting Generators: Follow Your Feelings to Fulfillment and the closer I got to releasing it, the more I sidelined my other interests and as well as rest and play time. This was so that I could focus on just that ONE thing. BIG MISTAKE!

Sleep Issues

I found myself struggling to get to sleep or stay asleep, was always tired upon waking and throughout the day. Focus was difficult, presumably due to tiredness. After almost 2 weeks of this I was seriously considering going to the doctor to get a blood test to check my iron and zinc levels.

The Catalyst

During a discussion with a potential new flatmate, the typical question came up "So what are your interests outside of your online projects?". It was an uncomfortable moment as I stood there and struggled to report anything remotely interesting. In that moment it dawned on me that my lack of energy was because I wasn't indulging in anything exciting therefore I wasn't generating new energy! Consequently I was now fully drained of energy.

So that evening I took inventory of the interests I had recently sidelined as well as those I had sidelined throughout my entire life and decided I wasn't going to deny myself of them any longer. My energy came back INSTANTLY and I was BUZZING just thinking about diving in again.

The Kicker 

Manifesting Generators need variety! Lack of variety leads to boredom and draining their energy from a limited supply. Once they've drained all their energy they struggle to work or have fun or even think about what could be fun to do.

Life Balance Is Vital

Life Balance is crucial for work, rest and play and this is true for all Human Design Types. Everyone needs to discipline themselves to take rest and play as seriously as their work because it recharges us for work!

If you truly love your work then the lines of work and play become blurred. In this case I find it best to set a 6pm curfew for those activities. After that I need to switch to something else so that when I begin work the next day my energy is still high and excited. 

What is unique for Manifesting Generators (and Generators) is that we generate tons of energy when we think about or do the things that light us up with excitement.

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Mark J Reynolds

17 years of soul searching led me to discover that what lights me up the most also gives me huge amounts of energy. Efficiency and shining the spotlight on others is a passion that permeates through everything I do.

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