Sent an email off today to all those who responded to my Manifesting Generator Survey to let them know the date and times for our first event together will be Friday 30th 11am Brisbane (Australia +10 GMT) time.

I also included a request for volunteers to help test and bounce ideas for how we use the Run The World Virtual Event software. It's an opportunity to contribute towards shaping the concept.


Should I Scrap My Facebook Page?

While I enjoy blogging on a website, I've also been publishing the same posts on my Facebook Page. But if I were completely honest with myself, my energy is not supporting the Facebook Page, hence I'm seriously considering binning it. I just have zero excitement for that medium. At least if I scrap it I'll save myself time and energy which can be better utilised for activities that feel good and therefore are in flow.

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17 years of soul searching led me to discover that what lights me up the most also gives me huge amounts of energy. Efficiency and shining the spotlight on others is a passion that permeates through everything I do.

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