I recognised that for the past couple of days I had either struggled to meditate in the morning or I didn't even try. This had a major impact on my focus for the rest of the day as I was rather scatty and dreamy.

Today when I woke I was pondering the future direction of the events and the website. My mind posed the idea of creating a YouTube Channel for a Human Design interview series to share people's journeys, earn revenue from YouTube advertising and funnel viewers to my website. BUT as I felt for a bodily response... I felt nothing. 

To check this feeling I thought about the act of interviewing Manifesting Generators using the 'Run The World' software and I very distinctly felt the sacral bodily response of being lit up with excitement.

So I felt into it further and recognised that the act of interviewing people is exciting but the process of publising it on YouTube isn't. The reason I'm not excited is because my perfectionistic mind is concerned about doing it wrong or badly and the exercise being a waste of time. However I know from past experience that after I take the time to chunk down the process into simple steps then I can and will easily do it or hire and delegate it to someone else.

Chunking down and creating systems is an activity that does light me up! Why? Because it is all about efficiency which us Manifesting Generators tend to love.

Anyway once I got the above clear in my mind, I made my list of intentions for what I desired to achieve today. Then I sat up and had a wonderfully focused meditation. I felt so clear afterwards that my progress for the rest of the day was brilliant.

About the Author

Mark J Reynolds

17 years of soul searching led me to discover that what lights me up the most also gives me huge amounts of energy. Efficiency and shining the spotlight on others is a passion that permeates through everything I do.

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