This morning I and two other Manifesting Generators fired up my license of the Run The World Virtual Event software and tested it out. For the most part it worked well and this testing helped me to plan how I will run the first event which is happening on Friday 30th July 11am Brisbane, Australia time (+10 GMT). I'll plan and practice what I can between now and then. There'll definitely be new learnings happening on the fly though.

The outlook is exciting for the directions we can take these events. Of course being an MG I want to start them all NOW but over the years I've learnt to control myself to focus on just the most pressing tasks which will in time lead to working on the new projects.

I made good headway with writing the structure for the upcoming event. Productivity waned after lunch. Focus being the problem. I have lots on my To Do list that I actually will enjoy working on so that's not the problem. I think the issue is that getting up to date with these blog posts was standing between me and the fun tasks on my list. So if I'm honest, I've been procrastinating!

I don't really have anything insightful to post about today, other than I've intentionally allowed myself more balance this week by unplugging to go exercise or indulge in a bit of TV. It might not sound like much but it has kept my enthusiasm high and batteries charged to get stuck back into my work the next day. If I don't give myself breaks then I most definitely will hit a wall which will take a lot longer to come back from i.e. 1-3 days

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