Manifesting Generators: 

What would it mean to
Be Unapologetically YOU?

How do you become the UNAPOLOGETIC version of you?

Human Design and the Gene Keys teach us that every gate has one or more Shadows (Not-Self Themes) and a Gift. Before we can unlock and embody each gift we must first discover how we can embrace the Shadows. 

We also need to follow our Strategy and Authority to receive what we are attracting, otherwise those opportunities can easily pass us by.

Hi, my name is Mark Reynolds

Before Human Design and the Gene Keys entered my life, I was constantly deferring to the opinions of others instead of trusting my own instincts. Because of this I was constantly confused, frustrated, and going in circles.

I was incapable of expressing my vulnerabilities openly, I didn't feel worthy of love and success, and I struggled with defining what I'm here to do and setting my terms in any sort of negotiation.

Fortunately, through relentless experimentation and transforming the shadows of my Incarnation Cross, I am now experiencing such a remarkable difference that I wish to inspire others to achieve the same. 

Hi, my name is Daria Stan

As an expert in Authentic Parenting, I frequently observed the value of Human Design within the context of relationships.

Now, fresh from my own experiment and a VERY deep dive into the energy mechanics of Human Design, I have a wealth of information to impart with you for how your design is showing up in your life.

I ❤️ sharing knowledge, so join our community and you'll receive amazing insights for how you can be the most authentic version of YOU!

Our mission is to support you to not just BE authentic, but to...
Be Unapologetically YOU

By unapologetic we mean that you can confidently express yourself while flipping the bird to naysayers.

For each person, 

Being Unapologetically YOU will mean different things.

For Mark Reynolds, it means…
  • Turning his back on the Status Quo and being OK with being the black sheep of the family and society.
  • Trusting his own gut instincts over other people's advice and having the final word on that.
  • Applying the business model and marketing strategy that currently feels correct for him, despite the naysayers.
  • Knowing that what feels correct for him now, might not feel correct for him later and allowing himself to change without having to justify it.
For Daria STAN, it means…
  • Being goofy, dancing like no one's watching, and doing karaoke on stage even though she knows she can't sing!
  • Not caring about other people's opinions.
  • Fully expressing her spirituality.
  • Un-censoring her language.
  • Fully trusting herself and following her sacral response unconditionally.

Challenging you to Be Unapologetically YOU is what our NEW & private Manifesting Generators Community is all about.

We do this by…

Bringing our Sacral brothers and sisters together to connect, bond, be heard, and celebrate our successes and temporary failures.

Empowering you with your own inner guidance by teaching you how to trust your Strategy, Authority, and manage your energy waves.

Supporting the process of understanding and transforming your shadows so you can fully embody the gifts of your Incarnation Cross.

Challenging you when we detect you are not being ALL of you… because we can see it in your chart, feel it in your voice, or hear it in your words.

Guiding you to identify and experiment with the work of your calling in your own fun, easy, meaningful, and uniquely YOU way.

Discovering the Authentic version of you is one thing, maintaining alignment to it is quite another. Fortunately, this is Daria's specialty.

Daria loves explaining the energetic mechanics of how YOU are specifically designed to connect and interact with others.

Because when you understand these dynamics, you become aware of how others affect you. This newfound awareness allows to maintain alignment by not allowing people and events to trigger you.

What makes her contribution so special is that you don't even need to ask her questions. She naturally and proactively pinpoints the elements of your chart that explain the "why" behind whatever challenges you are experiencing.

If Mark brings the gold, Daria brings the pink diamonds.

Think of us as an IT Support Team, but for your Human Design Experiment instead.

Just getting started in Human Design? We'll support you to learn...

Your "Wait To Respond" Strategy


  • What your Strategy is, how and when to use it
  • The consequences are of initiating ideas with your mind
  • What it means to "initiate in response"
  • Why “Waiting to respond” is the ultimate efficiency
  • What "fully lit up" means and feels like so you can tell the difference between that and mere mental excitement
  • Why it is a good habit to record and review your lit up ideas
  • The Moment of Truth: What it is, why and how to plan for it


  • Invest time & effort into the right opportunities, not the wrong ones
  • Surrender all effort in searching, brainstorming, and figuring things out
  • Let what you need come to you easily and effortlessly
  • Feel calm knowing that Source is working with you and for you

Inner Authority


  • When to use your Authority
  • The consequences of making decisions from your mind
  • How you feel “Yes” vs “No”


  • Stop worrying, second-guessing, and regretting decisions
  • Feel safe in surrendering and trusting your gut instincts. Life has your back!

Correctly Responding & Regenerating Energy


  • What it means to “Correctly Respond to life”
  • Appreciate why it's possible you might do everything but your planned tasks
  • Why correctly responding regenerates your energy and gives you more life balance
  • Why your mind might override & cause you to incorrectly respond
  • How to receive inspiration to do the things you don't feel like doing 


  • Make sense of and be able to explain your seemingly erratic nature
  • Stop forcing yourself to do the work you don't currently feel like doing 
  • Give yourself permission to move with your energy to where you are being pulled

Signature & Not-Self Theme


  • Signature: What it is and what you can do to feel it every day
  • What is your Not-Self Theme?
  • How does your Not-Self Theme currently show up in your life?


  • Recognise why you do the things you do
  • Develop awareness for traits and emotions that are not serving you 

General & Individual Traits


  • The process for transforming your shadows
  • Daily mindfulness practices
  • Why it is OK for Manifesting Generators to Skip Steps
  • Why you are prone to overworking


  • Understand how your intense bursts of energy affects your life in different ways
  • Understand the various pressures you are under and the behaviors they create.

Stick to your truth and share it with the community.

Why Join?

We are kicking off the Manifesting Generators Community with a BETA Experiment to test simple ideas and gather your valuable feedback. While we have many ideas up our sleeve, we feel it is important to start with the minimum and grow in response to member input and consensus.

For the BETA price of just 97 EUR per month, we are offering...

Private Community - On the Heartbeat.Chat Platform

As grateful as we are for how effective Facebook Groups are at growing our audience, Facebook itself is an incredibly distracting experience! Fortunately, private platforms such as Heartbeat.Chat, removes this distraction and adds innovative features to tailor and improve the member experience.

Features such as: Individual & Group Voice/Video Rooms, Docs, Events, Threads, Matchups, and Courses.

The platform can be accessed from Desktop (Windows & Mac), Mobile (iOS & Android), and Web.

Coffee Chat - Voice Rooms

While it VERY tempting to throw every idea and feature at you, we honed in on just the bare essentials for what we craved during our initial 6 months of experimentation.... REAL-TIME and REAL-VOICE Conversations.

Daria loves nothing more than to discuss Human Design over a hot cup of coffee, so it felt fitting that we invite our global membership to join us for "Coffee Chats"... and feed her addiction at the same time. 

Coffee Chats are informal opportunities to...

  • Connect, bond, and discuss the many challenges of being an MG... with other MGs!
  • Receive new perspectives on how you can allow, accept, and embrace your shadows so you can transform them and step into your gifts.
  • Be inspired to show up as the unapologetic version of you. Your satisfaction depends on it!
  • Discuss your challenges with "Waiting to Respond".
  • Get assistance with making decisions!
  • Receive guidance when feeling stuck so you can get moving again... quickly!
  • Discuss why your energy is not consistent from one task to the next.
  • Understand why you currently feel the way you do.
  • Learn how Human Design can be powerfully applied to your career and business.

Think of the Coffee Chats as being our Office Hours - Come when you need to or want to hangout.

Coffee Chat Session Timetable (Click to View)

We will launch with 2x 1 hour sessions on week days and a 1 hour session on weekends.
At least one of us will be online inside each session, waiting to speak with you.

We will expand or change the hours and frequency of coverage as needed to meet the demand.

Daria Stan

For deep insights into your chart, the effect of transits, and for support in applying your Strategy & Authority.

10am UK

11am Malta

8pm Brisbane

2am LA

5am New York

Mark / Daria

8:30pm UK

9:30pm Malta

6:30am Brisbane

12:30pm LA

3:30pm New York

member discounts

The discounts that Daria offers for her services will always be available. You can purchase them as many times as you want, for you, your family, and friends.

30% Off Daria’s Human Design Readings
Individual Reading (€108 instead of €155)
Relationship Reading (€155 instead of €222)
Money Reading (€108 instead of €155)
10 Minute Reading (€14 instead of €20)
10% Off Family Penta Reading (€399 instead of €444)

You can book a Purposeful Work session with Mark and simply pay for what you felt his insights were worth. 

BONUSES: the first 30 peeps to join Will Also receive...

BONUS 1: 45min Purposeful Work Session with Mark

Mark will ask you a single question and then follow his splenic pings and sacral BUZZES to isolate the work of your calling. Armed with this, you can then focus your experiment on manifesting that truth! 

BONUS 2: 10min Live Reading With Daria

Daria will properly explain your Type, Strategy, Authority, main sign posts, and either answer 1 question or she can tell you about the most "unique" specific aspect of your chart and how it would show up in your life.

BONUS 3: Daria's Advanced Booklets

Daria will gift you her exclusive booklets:
Love By Design (The 10+1 Loves Gates)

Openness In The Bodygraph (How You Make Money)

How This Works

  1. 1
    Click here and sign up for the Manifesting Generators Community.
  2. 2
    Upload your photo & fill out the Onboarding Questions. This sets up your intro profile and allows us to generate and reference your Human Design Chart.
  3. 3
    Watch our intro video for a quick guide on what and where everything is. And voila! You'll be ready to hit the ground... manifesting! 😎

25x Bonuses Left!


How do I do the Human Design experiment?

The founder of Human Design, Ra Uru Hu, described life as being an experiment. So he invited us to experiment with the information found in our chart to discover what works for us.

And the most impactful information to experiment with is your Type, Strategy, and Authority. So, your experiment begins the moment you start applying these concepts to your life.

Can Generators join too?

YES - This community is for all sacral beings. While this page mainly refers to “Manifesting Generators”, we are certainly here to support Generators too!

Do I have to attend every call?

No. Our timetable are just the hours that Daria and/or Mark will be hosting the Coffee Chats. Turn up whenever you need to, or wish to hang out with your fellow MGs. 

How long will the BETA Experiment last?

The BETA Experiment monthly subscription price point will be ongoing while we will test out different ideas and gather member feedback. Once we feel that we have abundantly satisfied the needs of our members, the price may change. It all depends upon what our solution looks like by then.

Can this help me with my business?

While talking strategy for business offerings, sales and marketing is certainly Mark’s favourite past-time, you will soon learn that the most satisfying and profitable way to approach these disciplines is by embodying the energies of your Incarnation Cross in all that you do and offer. And Mark will take great joy in assisting with that also.

How will you help Me to live my HD Experiment?

For those who are new to your Human Design Experiment, Daria has exercises to help you feel the “Yes” and “No” of your Sacral or Emotional Authority. Being able to feel your body’s yes/no response is a vital fundamental.

Once you’ve had a "Purposeful Work” session with Mark, he’ll record and share your result with Daria. This will allow both of us to challenge you whenever you are veering from your calling. The reasons we veer are many and are caused by fears, shadows, and conditioning. We will help you to recognize the cause and quickly realign to your calling.

Do you have a refund policy?

If you request a refund within 7 days of joining, we will happily refund your money and cancel your subscription as long as you have NOT yet taken advantage of either Daria’s or Mark’s free bonus sessions or discounted services.

To request a refund simply send a direct message to Mark or Daria inside the Heartbeat platform.

Can I Pause My Subscription?

Yes you can. We will provide a form so you can easily notify us of the start and end dates of the pause, and we'll promptly set that up for you.

Will the Coffee Chats be recorded?

By default, Coffee Chats are not recorded because the built-in Voice Room feature doesn't have that capability.

If we find the need to host events in Zoom or Google Meet, then we will consider recording if requested and have 100% consensus of the participating members.

When and how will I get the 3x bonuses?

Once you have completed the onboarding sequence, you will land in a space we call “The Hub”. At the top of The Hub you will find a pinned post which will include a link to a “Launch Bonuses” doc which will only be accessible to the first 30 lucky peeps who subscribe.

Are the discounts a one-time offer?

The discounts that Daria offers for her services are always available. You can purchase them as many times as you want, for you, your family, and friends.

I’ve already had a session with Mark. can I use that time for something else?

A few of you have already had a session with Mark which defined the direction of your calling. You can still book a session with Mark, but instead discuss your progress and challenges of pursuing your path.

Will my Human Design Chart be publicly viewable within or outside of the community?

We will not be sharing the charts publicly at this stage. However, if the community votes for us to create a library of charts, we’ll only share the charts of those who give direct consent.

Got Any questions of your own? Book a call

The Many Ways We Can Support Your Experiment

Save Time ⏱ & Energy ⚡

Recognize when your mind is initiating 'incorrect' ideas.

Discover Your Calling 🎯

By perceiving your identity & value, Mark will isolate your Purposeful Work. 

Stay Aligned to Your Calling

We will challenge you when you're veering from your Purposeful Work.

Say YES to Your Own Process

Recognize and correctly respond to other people's conditioning.

Deep Understanding... 🔍

...of your Shadows and Gates and how they impact your day to day life.

Insights On Tap 💦 

Confused why something keeps happening? Daria can tell you why 

Surrender to the Experiment

We help you to connect and listen 🎧to your Strategy & Authority 🎱

The Effect Of Transits 🌞🌗 

Transits are ever changing and constantly influencing our design.

You Are Multi-Passionate

We help you to be all the things without fitting yourself into a box 💟

We are here to put the heart back into business.


What they say

These 2 testimonials are just after you’ve introduced your business, so they should focus on how great the products are and why they are worth trusting.

Mikayla Harris - Designer

These 2 testimonials are just after you’ve introduced your business, so they should focus on how great the products are and why they are worth trusting.

Anna Morgan - Blogger

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