If you are trying too hard to be someone you're not, I help you to LOVE yourself as you are.

This means you attract the healthy relationships you desire and align with your true self and the values you stand for. 


If you want things in your life to change, you got to change things in your life.

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What Clients Are Saying...


"Angie is such a kind, beautiful soul with a happy easygoing energy. After just 3 sessions, I've learnt to shift my energy and focus within. I was able to tap into some past traumas that I didn't even realise I was holding onto and release them, making room for and inviting new and exciting opportunities. Angie has a way of making this process so uncomplicated especially when you tend to overthink everything, she makes you feel calm and at peace, reassuring you that we all have it in us to attract what we want. She has given me some great and simple tools to be able to continue my journey at home on my own. The best part is that whenever I feel I need to ask her something, she will always be there to help. Thank you Angie, it's been a wonderful experience working with you."


"I have done this technique through Angie and can ensure that it helps you to settle some demons that keep you back from being your best self! We've all had negative experiences in our past, some worse than others, but some good news is that they needn't haunt you anymore. Your anger and tipping points that you cannot understand, suddenly come to light and you gradually become able to control them. The process is much faster than other therapies I know of, however can also work well alongside other therapeutic disciplines. I cannot recommend EFT with Angie enough. Contact her for a consultation and I wish you all the very best!"


"Hello dear Angie, I would love to thank you again for our amazing session yesterday. That was such a big chunk inside me and I didn't realise how it had affected my life! I am grateful I now dared to look at it with your encouragement, since this was one of the things that I never wanted to revisit. But I feel so much more free now and things are falling into place. Even the reasons of this encounter and what I am here to do. So thank you again, much love"

How You Can Work With Me

Intuitive Reading with Oracle Card (€15) - 15min

Feeling at crossroads? Need some guidance? Tell me what you need guidance with and I will intuitively pull and read a card for you.

No need for us to meet live. Instead, you will receive a recorded message as well images of the card and associated message.

The time slot you book will be when I record and send the reading. You do not need to be available at this time.

Get an Intuitive Reading with Oracle Card

Remote Personalised Energy Clearing and Meditation (€35) - 30min

Feeling too stressed and overwhelmed? Can't focus? Feeling low energy? Feeling stuck?

Send me your challenge!

I will tune into your energy field and record a personalised clearing with EFT, followed by a personalised meditation. We do not meet live in this case but you will receive a recording to keep for life. This you can use as often as you need!

The 30min time slot you book will be when I will do the work. You do not need to be available at that time.

Live Personalised Energy Clearing and Meditation (€60) - 30min

Feeling too stressed and overwhelmed? Can't focus? Feeling low energy? Feeling stuck?

In this 30min session, we will meet live, and I will tune into your energy field to do a personalised clearing with EFT.

Afterwards, I will record a personalised meditation for you to keep for life and use as often as you need.

Single Coaching and Clearing Session (€95) - 60min

Need support with a specific problem? Feeling stuck?

For 60mins, I will attentively listen and feel into your energy, and together we will clear the energetic blocks that are keeping you stuck and make a plan for moving forward in a new and better way!

Single Manifesting Session (€95) - 60min

What do you really want?

Bring this answer to our session, and we will get everything lined up for it to come into your life!

We use the effective PSYCH-K® - a simple, effective, and painless energy technique, to change your subconscious beliefs that are limiting the full expression of your potential in life.

The 60min session includes a recording, manifestation report, visualization, energetic exercises, and action steps to help you manifest FAST! 

30 Minute Free Call (For those considering the below services)

If you are interested in my 3 Session Anxiety Release Package or my Redefine Your Relationships Programme, please book a free call so that we can explore together how I may be of best service to you. Includes a FREE demonstration of EFT, a very powerful energy release technique! 

3 Session Anxiety Release Package (€270)

This package includes 3x 60 minute sessions where you will have a safe space to uncover and release the underlying causes of your anxiety for good! 

We use Energy Psychology (main technique is EFT) to permanently release the emotional charge of selected traumatic events, significantly reducing your anxiety because you no longer get triggered in the present!

Click the button below to buy the package and book the first of your 3x 60min sessions today!

Redefine Your Relationships Program (€950)

Within this 3 month programme, we will dive deep into the core reasons why you are attracting unhealthy relationships and release them with powerful energy techniques that you will be able to apply on your own in between sessions.

We will also move forward with redefining and actually manifesting the relationships you want!


  • 10 one-on-one sessions with me
  • Practices to do at home in between sessions, thus empowering YOU
  • WhatsApp support in between sessions
  • FREE access to my signature online programme on Healing from Toxic Relationships
  • Personalised recorded Meditations
  • An analysis of your personality type with the Enneagram and practices for transforming your personality into Essence

About Angie Mifsud

Hi, I'm Angie, and I am an Energy Psychology Practitioner and Meditation Teacher. I am passionate about helping others heal and thrive after a relationship breakup and learn to relate in a new healthy way. I have done a ton of healing and research with various energy tools and techniques which I used to heal myself from troublesome relationships throughout my life, and infertility. I am now on a spiritual path, working with the levels of consciousness.