Having realised yesterday that I skipped the step of really understanding the Manifesting Generator Strategy and Authority, I decided to share that here with some side notes from my experimentation to date.


Manifesting Generator's Aura Type:

  • We have an enveloping aura which pulls life to us.
  • We attract opportunities and the moment they meet our aura our body responds to it with a Yes or No.
  • By responding correctly we regenerate our own lifeforce.
  • We struggle with waiting for things to respond to.
  • We are here to live in a frequency of satisfaction.
  • We meet resistance and are left frustrated if we impatiently try to move toward things that we are not correctly responding to.
  • Learning to hear and feel our sacral response, either “Ah huh” (yes) or “Uh uh”  (no), shows what is correct for us.

In my own life I found that because I so strongly craved continuous forward momentum, I often made the mistake of ignoring the call to relax, unplug and to go outside and enjoy the sun. Instead I tried to continue working. This very quickly lead to resistance and frustration and the rapid depletion of my energy. And then I would hit the wall and potentially need several days to recharge.

Through hitting the wall one to many times, I decided to answer the call for life balance whenever it came and lately I've become VERY sensitive to how I'm feeling and just going with it. And WOW does it feel good! 

For the past month or so I feel that Source has been intensely training my awareness of my gut response, energy and when I'm meeting resistance. For these reasons I feel I'm destined to help others become attuned to their own. I also feel this way because a 'Guidance System' has been what I've been seeking my whole life. My mind until recently had been in control and it was only through learning to surrender that control that I began to recognise and respond to my own internal guidance. Thank you Human Design!

Powerful Affirmation

Recently I learnt of a powerful affirmation:

"I don't chase. I attract. What belongs to me will find me."

I love this quote. It's perfect for us Manifesting Generators because our aura type 'pulls life to us'. It is a firm reminder that we are not here to figure things out. The better we get at surrendering to life, the stronger our magnetic force becomes. We attract opportunities and the moment they meet our aura our body responds to it with a Yes or No. If we respond correctly then we regenerate even more energy which grows our magnetic force even more. Wash and repeat. No thinking required!

I think of the 'What belongs to me' as being the intentions I desire and am in equal vibration with. I feel that if I live this affirmation, I am indifferent to my intentions which removes all resistance to their manifestation. Whereas if I was in a constant mental state of 'wanting' then that would create resistance in the awareness of not having.

I think I'll print and stick this quote to my wall. 


Authority is the mechanical way in which we make correct decisions from our body intelligence

The way I think about the difference between Strategy and Authority is that the Strategy is an instantaneous PING response to some external stimuli meeting our aura. There's no decision involved. It's like being zapped with an electric shock, you react instantly!

Whereas our Authority is a literal decision requiring us to consult with our authority centre: Sacral with Yes/No questions or Solar Plexus (wait for neutral feeling).

About the Author

Mark J Reynolds

17 years of soul searching led me to discover that what lights me up the most also gives me huge amounts of energy. Efficiency and shining the spotlight on others is a passion that permeates through everything I do.

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