Undefined Heart & Self

For as long a I can remember I have struggled to set a price for my time and talents. I didn't understand why until I read about the effects of having undefined Heart and Self centres in my Human Design chart. The undefined Self means that I don't know who I am nor my direction in life. I am who I am from moment to moment. My undefined Heart is the reason I have no grasp of my self worth. I know I have gifts to share with the world but it energetically feels wrong to label it with a dollar amount.


In post #24 - Monetising Me I mentally theorised that an Influencer revenue model could be the path for me. Then in post #27 - Surrendering Thoughts About Revenue I decided to stop thinking about how to make money as it was seriously negatively affecting the amount of progress I was making and I knew the ideas were mind generated.

New Downloads

Fortunately, by releasing thoughts about the money side of the equation it allowed new intuited downloads to drop in. It was clear that this time it wasn't my mind generating the ideas.  

The new downloads:

  • I was put on Earth to use my unique gifts to serve humanity and in doing so I will be living my purpose.
  • If I'm living my purpose, all my needs will be met.
  • Because I do not know what my time and talents are worth, I should let people pay for the value they received and determine this AFTER the appointment has concluded.
  • Don't ask them to donate as few will do this. Instead set the expectation that a payment is warranted if they received value from our time together.  They pay a dollar amount that sits at the intersection of what they felt the session was worth and what they can comfortably afford. If the client felt they received $120 worth of value but can only afford $50 then $50 is what they pay.
  • Outstanding value is the driver for return business and fantastic for word of mouth marketing. 
  • I would rather do a free session using my gifts (serving my purpose) than paid work using none of them.
  • Any shortfall on my end is covered by good karma. If I try to help them and cannot sufficiently, I believe I still receive good karma for the time and effort I gave. Likewise if I gave great value but the client couldn't pay what they felt it was worth to them, I always receive good karma. Source will reward me some other way at a time and method that suits me well.
  • A reminder to relisten to Gay Hendricks' book "The Big Leap" about the Zone of Genius concept.
  • Lastly, I received a download of content to put on a landing page to begin offering sessions to share my gifts in this way. 

Does this Model Already Exist?

Before diving headlong into building a page etc to begin this experiment I first jumped on the web to find out if other businesses have experimented with this concept too. Sure enough Wikipedia had a article on Pay What You Want. Reading that article assured me that this concept had been successful many times in various industries. The Value for Value article which describes Adam Curry's model is excellent reading too and is the more in line with my downloaded method above.

Next Steps?

I will action and experiment with these downloads when the impulse comes. No doubt you'll see a link to the landing page in a future post.

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17 years of soul searching led me to discover that what lights me up the most also gives me huge amounts of energy. Efficiency and shining the spotlight on others is a passion that permeates through everything I do.

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